Samaritans save couples from ending lives

Samaritans save couples from ending lives

In a incident straight out of the films, curious public turned good samaritans and saved the lives of two newly wed couples, who had decided to end their lives by consuming poison, near Arkeshwara temple on the outskirts of Mandya city, and handed them over to the police, recently.

The couples have been identified as Ramesh and his relative Ramya and Raghu and Ramya’s friend Kalpana.

Visitors to the temple, who saw the couples in tears inquired about them and came know that the couples were married on February 18, and, on 19 they had decided to end their lives out of the fear for their families.

According to the couples, Ramesh, a resident of Hosamane in the taluk, was in love with Ramya and was frequenting Nachamapatti, in Tamil Nadu, where she lived. Ramesh’s friend Raghu too accompanied him and gradually fell in love with Kalpana, a friend of Ramya. Both Ramesh and Raghu are labourers.

As Ramya’s parents were opposed to the relationship and had arranged her wedding with another person, Ramesh and Raghu brought the girls to Melkote, where they got married on February 18.

Meanwhile, Ramesh called his friends in Hosamane village, only to be informed that Ramya’s parents had come to the village in search of her and will not spare them.
They also suggested them not to visit the village for a while.

Hearing this, the couples, who feared that they would have to face dire consequences, decided to end their lives by consuming poison and were crying aloud thinking about their fate, unable to control their emotions.

According to police, all the four are above 18 years of age and are majors. The girls too are willing to live with their respective partners. Future course of action will be decided after inquiring their parents, they added.
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