Indian father who went missing, found dead in US

Indian father who went missing, found dead in US

Indian father who went missing, found dead in US

The body of a 55-year-old Indian man, who was on a visit to the US has been found in a waterway, 10-days after he walked away from his daughter's wedding reception, a media report said today.

Authorities in Sacramento County in California found the body of Prasad Moparti on Monday in a waterway about 8 kms downstream from the wedding reception where he was last seen alive on February 13, Sacramento Bee reported.

The Coroner's Office said there was no trauma to the body, but that the cause of death has yet to be determined.

A boater in the area reported seeing Moparti's body, and crews were soon able to get him out of the water, the report said.

Moparti, who travelled from Hyderabad in January to attend his daughter's wedding, was reported missing since February 13 when he walked away from his daughter's wedding reception at Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove in Northern California by himself and never returned.

In the days leading up to the ceremony, he had started taking long walks while visiting his daughter in Los Angeles, family members said.

"Family members further indicated Moparti suffered from depression, and that he showed indicators of his depression leading up to the wedding," Tony Turnbull, spokesman for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department had said last week.

Authorities said immediately after he disappeared that there were no suspicious circumstances or foul play.

The Sheriff's Department had conducted a search for about 72 hours in surrounding areas. The search was later called off and a sheriff's spokesman said Moparti was considered to be a "voluntary missing person" though he was not familiar with the area.