Today's letters

Today's letters

Confusing reports on BIAL

Sir, This refers to ‘BIA like jatka stand: HC’ (DH, Feb 17). Recently, reports appeared regarding the international certification and the good rating of the airport. But, the legislators’ committee report and the present comments of the high court are entirely different. The general public is confused.

The AAI is a partner in the BIA project and the study on passenger/goods traffic made in the DPR would have been brought to the notice of the BIA board in which the Centre, state and AAI are also represented. Why did the AAI not comment on the shortfalls before approving the project?

U N Bhat
Bangalore 560079.

Terrorist threat
Sir, It is unfortunate that the Centre and some states are constantly engaged in fighting violence unleashed by several groups. We have the Naxals, The Maoists, the Terrorists from across the borders and to add to the problems we have political parties like the Telangana Rashtriya Samiti waging street battles for its demand.

 By constantly engaging such groups, the Centre finds no time and enegry for carrying the various developmental plans forward. It was disturbing to find a Maoist leader telling a media representative that 'If our demands are not met within 7 days, then we will kill the BDO"! Our Union Home Minister too has been issuing statements calling all 'sympathisers of Maoists' to own up responsibility and come out in the open! This is definitely a sad state of affairs.

 The Naxals have continued to create panic by triggering blasts, murders, etc in some States. Since, all these violent groups have one common objective ie to resort to blasts, killings, abductions, murders, the government must stop all negotiations and after announcing a ban on these groups, must let the Army do the talking. No useful purpose will be served by negotiating and talking with Maoists, Naxals and the Terrorists. They must be eliminated immediately and swiftly in the interests of peace.

 The Centre and the States must concentrate on plans,proposals and projects that are development oriented and give top priority to bringing down the rising prices of essential commodities.

Palmsprings Layout
Kanakapura Main Rd
Bangalore 560 062

Pakistan supporting terror
Sir, This refers to ‘HuJI warning to sportspersons’ (DH, Feb 17). The warning is atrocious.Our PM and others in the UPA government should take note of this. There  could be Pakistan’s involvement behind this. We should reconsider our decision to have talks with our rougish neighbour  as the talks will not fetch any constructive results. People here, should realise that Pakistan is very clever and cunning in even fooling its benefactor US by pretending to  fight terrorism.Moreover, the present Al Queda warning about targeting India particularly regarding sports events here raises doubt about Pakistan's indirect support.

It is also atrocious on the part of Al Queda elements in speaking well about Indian Muslims just to create a wedge among our own citizens

AECS Layout

Govt  failure to check price rise
The price rise issue is completely forgotten and descending into routine not worthy of looking at by the ruling UPA or an issue to raise protests by the Opposition except for a namesake morcha organized in the capital in the last week by the BJP.
This shows the common approach by politicians of every colour to ignore the difficult plight of the aam admi.The PM  after his CMs conclave on prices came out with a pacificatory advice saying that the prices will come down.

We have had these kind of statements being made much too often, first by the Vice Chairman of the Planning Commission, then by the Agriculture Minister and now from the PM and the prices went up the first two times and we will have to therefore see this time whether with the PM, the trend gets reversed

The reason for the opposite happening whenever these statements were made, is because no concurrent action was being taken by the government and it was believed that the prices would come down on their own.

This is a myth and the breed of stockists/wholesalers are too hard, mercenary and seasoned to become nervous of just words or be afraid of the ministerial  comments. What should have been done is that once we knew that the last monsoon had failed us, the UPA Govt. and the States should have geared themselves to intervene in the market by moving in the supplies from the buffer food stock and considering imports for those items like pulses where there were no strategic stocks.
This intervention should have been done with greater vigour from about a year ago when the prices really started shooting up.  This show of purpose by the Govt. would have deterred the traders from blackmarketing and stopped the spread of price rise to other items like vegetables (potatoes and onions). Nothing of this sort was done and the government played passive allowing   the Agriculture Minister to play around with the market particularly for sugar to benefit his home constituency and support base in Maharasthra. Thus we find ourselves in this situation now confronting the runaway price rise.

 The PM has also made a statement recently that the public distribution system in the country is antiquated and is a shame. The question to ask the PM is Who is responsible for this? Is it not his Congress party which has ruled this country for the majority period since Independence. Thus the PM cannot shirk the responsibility of the ineffective public distribution system and standing up for his party, he has to fix it.

Not only that as explained above we have the government sometimes taking the opposite action and in line with that somewhat, we have the much acclaimed Vice Chairman of the Planning Commission stating the other day that the fuel subsidy on petroleum prices at the retail level is inflationary and should be done away with. That it is since it enlarges the deficit but then it is within the domain of control of the government by a multiplicity of measures. While if the government raises petroleum prices and tags it to international prices then it will have a much more direct effect on inflation.

Moreover the tagging to international prices will keep the government out of any control of inflation through regulation of fuel prices. Thus Montek Singh Ahluwalias suggestion is like the honest and straight-forward Sardarji who has to see things happening before he considers any action to combat the issue. Thankfully the UPA has now postponed the fuel price hike to bail out the petroleum Cos. which if it had been done would have been the last straw on the donkeys (read aam admi) back who is already collapsing under the load of the exorbitant and runaway prices for food items.

It was with great hope that Manmohan Singhs ascendance to the office of the Prime Minister was welcomed considering his background of an economist and his track record in the tenures he held at the RBI and as Finance Minister and his initial positions of development with a human face was very much the correct approach. But now in the second term we are seeing a completely different Manmohan Singh, that of a true capitalist who is talking of 9-10% growth rates in the economy and is  not bothered about the aam admi.. The trickle down theory of distributing economic wellbeing in a high growth economy does not work in a country like India which has its own structural disparities of education and opportunity spread over such a large geographical area. We have seen this in practical reality over the last decade or so, as represented by the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

Unless high growth rate policies are coupled with a social conscience we will continue to have poverty, hunger and other social malaises stalk this country and the day will not be far off when this will become the reason for popular unrest.

S Kamat
Bardez Goa 403 521.

Maoist agenda
The editorial "Halt the hunt" (DH, February 17) highlights a major human problem that the government views, rightly so, through security paradigm while the Maoists relentlessly resort to "arms struggle" to find a solution to it.  That the lot of the tribals in remote areas of our country has often been neglected, even ignored, by successive governments is an undeniable fact.  But, instead of joining the mainstream to solve the problem, the strategy adopted by Maoist leaders defies all logic.  They must realize that cocking a snook at the government by killing people or sabotaging government installations will get them nowhere. Not appeared to be very keen on negotiations either, are the Maoists actually playing into the hands of some foreign country that derives sadistic pleasure out of tormenting India ?

 P.P. Sethumadhavan
New Thippasandra
Bangalore 560 075

 Punish 26/11 accused fast
When the  tragic incident that happened in Mumbai of 26/11/08 is still green in the memory of the public,another similar tragedy has struck Poona on 13/02/10,and the reason behind all these attacks shows that Pak's role is evident.One thing is not clear and that is when David Headley was arrested in US,how is that he set his foot in Osho ashram in Poona to act as the chief conspirator to strike Poona on his command by his accomplices.

The people are thinking as to why the lone surviving gunman of the 26/11 Mumbai carnage who killed not less than 170 persons is still being subjected to interrogation even after a lapse of more than a year by the trial court and why he should not be given death sentence, and the defect/twisting of the Indian laws of showing leniency even to an accused might be responsible for the repetition of such incidents,as the recent Poona case is an indication.

Therefore the counsel of the lone surviving gunman in the 26/11 Mumbai tragedy be asked not to delay the case any longer so that the trial court can close the case after pronouncing the quantum of punishment or extreme penalty of death sentence,as the trial judge thinks fit.

B S Raghavendra Rao,
BSK 3rd.stage,Bengaluru.

Not advisable
Mr. Kapil Sibal's proposed all India entrance test for professional courses may be a hasty thinking and sure to lead to lot of confusion as it happened in Railway entrance exam for recruitment of grade-iv  staff. The entrance exams will become a farce with most of the states like Bihar , U.P etc. allowing mass copying and some other states practicing fair amount of honesty. India is a vast country with lot of diversity in living systems and it is better these exams are conducted state-wise.

 Dr.A. Obireddy,491, 16 A cross,
Sector 6, HSR layout


 Law against terror needed
Home minister Chidambaram's speeches on terror strikes reminds one of that well known Kannada proverb 'Mantra helidare mavinakayi udurathaye?(Mangoes won't drop  just by reciting  mantras).'He seems to be in thral of own good English instead of being pragmatic in preventing terror attacks.

He makes the same type of speeches after 26/11 or after Pune attack.He does not want to recognise that without strong anti-terror laws it is impossible to take stringent preventive measures against local terror outfits.

That the  UPA government does not want to bring in any of these laws can be seen in the home minister advising the President not to give assent to Gujarat's anti-terror law,GUJCOC.Pakistan cannot indulge in terror attacks in our country,without the support of well entrenched indegenous Jihadis.As long as there is no fear of  law,terrorists will strike at time and place of their choice.


Al-Qaeda’s terror threats to India
As per the latest news on one hand Al-Qaeda has threatened India and many countries of the world of its terror attacks causing large scale sabotages. On the other hand Kashmiri, the fugitive chief of PoK chapter of Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami (HuJI), has threatened in a message delivered to the Asia Times online, We warn the international community not to send their people to 2010 Hockey World Cup, IPL and Commonwealth Games... Nor should their people visit India - if they do, they will be responsible for the consequences." Al-Qaeda has not dared even to look at the US after the 9/11 attack because of its toughest domestic, foreign and security policies.

I always fail to understand why Indian government cannot dare to make and also to implement the sternest laws in the interest of the national security at the earliest.

 Our brave security forces should be given free hand to turn Pakistan into a heap of ash so that there can never be any attack or even a threat from Al-Qaeda or any terror group (s). An instant destruction of Pakistan without any prior warning is the need of the hour. Or Al-Qaeda or any other terror group (s) will certainly cause large scale and irrecoverable sabotages to India.

Hansraj Bhat
Geetanjali Nagar,
Borivali (W),Mumbai 400092


Restart dialogue with Pak
The recent revelations by the police about how the blast in Pune were remote controlled is cause for serious concern. This is a sign that those who want to spread terror will not stop at anything to ensure that innocent lives are consistently sacrificed to make their hedonistic view public. In a scenario like this, instead of shutting off talks with our neighbor, we should probably use a more clever approach to continue the dialogue in a way that benefits both the parties involved. History is witness that silence is the beginning of a relationship's death and this is a stage where we just cannot allow that to happen.

Shashi Krishna
Copenhagen, Denmark

Maoist threat
The Maoists’ killing of 24 jawans and injuring several others in West Bengal on 15th February is a chilling reminder of the Maoist threat spreading at rapid speed.What is more disquieting is that this comes close on the heels of the dastardly terror attack on 13/2 in Pune.

Strangely, Maoist Polit Bureau Member Kishanji claimed responsibility for the aggression and asserted that it was an answer to Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram’s ‘Operation Green Hunt’.

Actually, the Maoists are now proving Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s allusion to the Naxalites as "the single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by our country" in 2006, as true.

 Though the government banned the outfit under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) as a terrorist organisation on 22 June 2009, its fire power and capability to strike at its will at most unexpected time with surgical precision remains worrisome. Surprisingly, the states like West Bengal, Orissa, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh bear the brunt of the Maoist Menace most. Now, it is high time these states make co-ordinated security operations without any further delay to effectively control the Maoist Insurgency before the writ of the state ceases to run in these Maoist infested areas. The security camps may be given multi-layered security to preclude any future Maoist attacks and killing of the Security Forces in cold blood. Simultaneously, the intelligence gathering both at micro levels and macro levels may be strengthened. 

Bichu Muttathara,
Range Hills Estate

Nightmare for pedestrians
Palace Guttahalli  Main road connecting Malleshwaram 8thcross is a main arterial road connecting Malleshwaram and Rajajinagar to Contonment area and RT nagar.

One dozen buses route no 176 ,104,36b/104, 401 are plying on this road. Every 2 minutes one bus plies on this road. It has become a nightmare to cross the road and walking on the road is inviting death. Recently BBMP have improved the footpaths for pedestrians.

But footpath is not available for the pedestrians as they have been occupied by the shop owners for parking their vehicles,extended their shops ,keep their boards STD/ISD,FAX/Xerox, Chemists/Druggists etc),and several vegetable and flower vendors have also occupied  the foot path.

Vehicle parking on both sides on 8th cross is causing a great problem.Park on even days on one side and odd days on the other side should be introduced.

Will the concerned BBMP officials and Police strictly take action to clear foot paths and help Senior citizens,  children and ladies to safely walk on footpaths. This will also ease road traffic.


Inexplicable power cuts
Mysore is under severe power cuts, as much as 4 to 6 hrs cut a day,  and there is not a whimper from the pubic .That may be because the Govt. and the supply authorities  talk through their hats and they mean nothing.It seems while supplying less power they are collecting higher amounts in their bills which is quite baffling to me.

 For the months of August, September and October  I was billed for Rs.643 each, ( how the amount was the same for the three months is by itself intriguing),  for Nov. Rs.791,  whereas for December and January the amounts have shot up to Rs.953 and Rs.924 even though during this period there were severe power cuts.

 Does this mean there is no real power saving by the cuts but only the usage is spread over or is there any manipulation ? I would appreciate if the authorities would please explain to me.

S.N.Surya Narayan,
Kuvempunagar, Mysore 570023.






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