A salute to the nation

A salute to the nation

Bring it on

A salute to the nation
Riding on a ground level, by smoothly moving the gear lever upwards and enjoying the moderate speed with a goose-bumping engine sound will surely drive anyone crazy.

The seating style and the rare look of the vehicle will definitely attract pedestrians and other riders on the road who try to get a glimpse of limited model of the bikes made by Bajaj. The first word from their mouth will be it’s “V15” or “INS Vikrant”.

Though most of them are aware of the fact that Bajaj has named the bike that claims to contain the dismantled metal of the Indian Navy’s erstwhile aircraft carrier INS Vikrant, very few are aware of the brand name given by the company. By default, any common man will call the bike as “INS Vikrant”, which makes any owner feel proud of owning a special bike.

It’s a known fact that Bajaj took over the Indian bike market long back, with each of its new launch being special for some reason. Be it a passionate rider or a family man, Bajaj has bikes for people from all walks of life. In the same way, the newly launched V15 can be termed as a bike for everyone.

If the driving comfort and the space fulfill the needs of a family man, the look and the seating position will satisfy the passionate rider.

Comfort level

Though Bajaj gave an Avenger-like feel to the V15, there is more to offer in the new bike. The decent tank size suits the bike and the distance between the handle and the rider seat is an add-on to the comfort level of the bike. The tank design is special and it clearly speaks for itself. The best and the highest USP of the bike is in the 13 litre  fuel tank, which is made from INS Vikrant.

The proud Indianness is along with you, when you are on the Indian road. The most debatable part of the bike is the doom, which is quite odd. The doom, which is the first attractant of any bike, has become a questionable part in V15. It is clearly visible that Bajaj have compromised in the size of the fuel tank due to the uncertain availability of the INS Vikrant metal, but it would have wowed the bike lovers by designing a better doom. Though it has retained its panther-like eyes in the doom, the design will give a vintage look to the new model bike from the side angle. Somewhere, the headlight design will be a debatable topic till the end.

Removable cowl

Bajaj has cleverly designed the seating arrangements of V15. The removable cowl looks appealing. However, it is annoying while detaching the cowl that converts the bike into a comfortable twin-seater. The cover is also designed in such a way that it suits the tail light of the bike. The tail lamp design is excellent and matches the bike even with or without a pillion rider.

Confused to utilise the space in the handle, the makers would have given an option of the ignition control on the top of the right side of the handle. Being loyal enough, they have never missed to include ‘choke switch’ on the left-hand side. However, turning off the engine by key can be a big letdown in the bike of today.

The Bajaj V15 does not have electronic display and gear indicators, except for a digital display for neutral position.The rear suspension with spring is an additional comfort made by keeping the sub-standard roads in mind.

Compared with single suspension technology, the spring suspension technology will absorb the shock at its best. As the bike is short, with a pillion rider or with a little pressure on the suspension, the ground clearance will be reduced.

The simple solution for this is up to the makers where the centre-stand can be made optional. A centre-stand is the first thing that comes in contact  the unscientific speedbreakers, when the bike is forced to cross over them. However, rest of the parts is unavoidable and should be compromised.

Apart from the fuel tank and engine’s sound, another special attraction of V15 is the exhaust, where the design is surely not for a common man bike. Bajaj gets a thumbs up for the design of the exhaust, which is another key character of the bike to fall in love with. The size of the exhaust will give a different feel to the rider.

Top speed

The pick-up will tempt the rider to increase the speed by raising the gear pedal upwards, where reaching 100 kmph is not a tough task. With a goose-bumping engine’s sound and the high idling, the V15 gives a superbike feel at some point, which makes reaching top speed a cake walk.

The bike has the tendency to bear 110 kmph, if the gear is changed in the right way. However, the long ride on the V15 is a tough task, as the seating style will force you to take a break with a little ache in the back.


A bike made for city riders by seeking the attention of fellow-riders with rear-look and special sound.

       Bajaj V15 is available in two colours — Ebony Black and Pearl White for a price point of Rs 62,076 (ex-showroom Bengaluru).

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