New homes for strays so that they don't go astray

Pet adoption event
Last Updated 29 May 2016, 19:34 IST

It was a day of mixed emotions for animal lovers in the city on Sunday. Some had tears in their eyes parting with their young pets, while many had smiles, adopting them.

At the first adoption drive organised by People for Cattle in India (PFCI), 25 animals, mostly stray and abandoned, found new homes. Of these, six were Indi Pups and remaining were kittens. 

Chitra Devaraj, animal lover, helped a 45-day-old Indi pup find a home on Sunday.

 “My colleagues and I came across a lactating dog near Cunningham Road, a few days back. She was struggling to feed herself and take care of her pups. We took care of her and the puppies in shifts. We learnt about the adoption programme event and also came across some animal lovers on social media who wanted to adopt the puppies,” she said. 

The PFCI is branched out across India and Sunday’s event was the first adoption programme in Bengaluru. It was conducted in association with Cessna Lifeline Veterinary Hospital. The event enhanced awareness as people interacted with and learnt more about animals. Notes were shared by those giving their pets with adopters on how to raise the animals. Some also wanted to visit the homes of adopters to be sure that their pet would be comfortable in the new surroundings. Aparna Sampath adopted a female Indi pup and her children instantly named their new sister Khushi. “I earlier had a cat. After she died, we wanted another pet. So instead of buying, we decided to adopt an Indi pup. Khushi is just six weeks old. Adoption should not be based on the breed, but purely on love for animals,” she said. 

There were some people who were migrating out of Bengaluru and were giving away their pets. 

“I moved to the city six years ago and was lonely. I bought a pup and took care of him like my family member. Now, since I am going abroad, it will be difficult for me to take care of him. This is why I am searching for a home for Sandy,” said Sandhya M. 

(Published 29 May 2016, 19:34 IST)

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