Prince's alleged love child wants court to perform DNA test

Prince's alleged love child wants court to perform DNA test

Prince's alleged love child wants court to perform DNA test

 Legendary musician Prince's alleged love child Carlin Q Williams has filed new documents asking the court to move along the process of proving his blood relation to the singer.

Williams, who is currently in prison, thinks that a DNA test should be performed as soon as possible, reported Aceshowbiz.

"Williams submits that DNA testing of all potential heirs should be a high and urgent priority by the Special Administrator, and this task should not be displaced by ancillary actions that may permit a final disposition of intellectual property assets now owned by the estate," read the documents.

According to the suit, Special Administrator of the estate filed documents asking for the court authorize the use of experts to "advise and assist the Special Administrator in the management and preservation of the wide-ranging intellectual property of the Estate."

But Williams believes that the possible heirs should be intimately involved with all happenings surrounding Prince's estate.

"Williams submits the hiring and retention of a 'monetization' expert in the immediate future by Bremer Trust, NA is premature and fails to consider the rightful involvement and input in such decisions by the deceased's lawful heirs, and exceeds the scope of appointment made by the Court in this proceeding," read the objection.

"Williams submits that hiring and retention of any such experts should be conducted with the full knowledge, involvement and consent of the lawful heirs to the estate - as those heirs may be determined according to law," it continued.

In May, Williams asked the court that his paternity case should be determined before those brought by other, potential heirs.

Another person claiming to be Prince's adopted son has come forward. Norman Yates Carthens has filed court papers in Carver County, Minnesota. Carthens, who is also currently in prison, claimed the late singer left behind a USD 7 million will for him.

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