The art of making dim sum

The art of making dim sum

The art of making dim sum
Food connects one and all, and that’s exactly what one felt on Saturday at ‘Shiro’. Many food enthusiasts came to the restaurant to learn the art of dim sum making with expatriate chefs Ryan Cabug Andrea and Rhonel Santoyo. The two master chefs have been working here for the last 8 years and dishing out some lip-smacking dim sums to their customers.

The master classes also gave one an insight into the new collection ‘The Shiro Collection: Steaming Sensation’ menu that is set to be launched today. The guests learnt the art of making ‘Sweet corn dumpling’, ‘Five spiced vegetable dumpling’, ‘Katsu chicken gau bao’, and ‘Hot basil chicken dumpling’. The interactive class had the enthusiastic cooks ask all sorts of questions so that they could try these simple recipes at home as well.

Chefs Ryan and Rhonel lent their hands in teaching the a few tricks one could use to make these ‘little joys of life’. Hailing from the Philipines, they both have been working together for a while now.

About their life back home, chef Rhonel says, “It’s a very simple life there where we love our food. Nothing much has changed back home and I am glad it’s been that way.” With their many years of service, Bengaluru has also become their temporary home.  Chef Ryan enjoys the weather and enjoys interacting with the people here. He’s also glad to experience the lifestyle here. However, apart from his apartment and work, he doesn’t really find much time to explore the city.

He says, “I am usually tired after a busy week at work, so weekends are usually spent in my room — either talking to my family on Skype or cleaning the house. It’s very rare that I go anywhere.”

Both the chefs are married with children who live back home. “It’s hard to be away from them but it’s a part of our job to be here. However, we get some time in the year to go back home and spend time with them. And thanks to technology these days, it doesn’t feel like I am actually away from home,” says chef Rhonel.

Even though the beautiful weather and people are some of their favourites, there is one thing that they aren’t fond of.  “It’s a great city but some of the places here are unhygienic. I wish it were different so that I could completely fall in love with this place,” says Chef Ryan.

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