On the Monsoon trail

On the Monsoon trail

Greener pastures

On the Monsoon trail

Travelling has become a routine for youngsters who like to take a break from work now and then. While it’s during the summer that many explore new places, some adventurists love Monsoon better. They believe that during this season, some destinations are  just amazing.

With Monsoon picking up, some Bengalureans have already made short trips to destinations closeby. Others are impatiently waiting for the weekend to arrive so that they can pack their backs and leave for a rainy vacation.

Ankit Pathak, a network engineer, is looking forward to going to Goa with a few of his friends. He says, “Goa is our annual destination during the rainy season. Since it’s off-season, many don’t come there. It feels like we have the place to ourselves.”

“The beaches are at its best even when it’s not sunny. There will be great parties conducted in the evenings; it’s the perfect place to unwind,” he adds.

Like Ankit, Bon Bopanna, an advertising agent, also makes Monsoon trips.

He says, “Even though Pune is a plateau, it’s absolutely beautiful during the rains. It’s green and calm. There’s also  a great nightlife and cuisines to explore in the city.” 

As part of his annual trip, he also heads to Chikkamagaluru and Coorg to enjoy the weather. He shares, “My hometown is Coorg, but I studied in a boarding school. I made sure that I am home for Monsoon. It’s always mesmerising to be in both these places. My idea of a vacation is just to chill and do absolutely nothing. It’s a great getaway from city life.”

There’s also Jeyadra S, a homebaker, who recently went to a resort in Mysuru and then travelled to Chennai. She says, “It was a wonderful place as they had an artificial lake and a lot of fun things to do. Chennai was also a pleasant change as the weather is very good right now. We travelled around to try various types of Tamilian food which aren’t available here.”

Choosing to go to a regular destination is HariKrishnan T M, a software engineer. He will be riding his Royal Enfield to Coorg in the coming week with a group of other riders. He says, “It’s called ‘Royal Enfield Escapade’ where we plan a Monsoon ride every year. We will be camping there overnight, enjoy some barbecue and campfire, and an off-road trip. I’m also excited for the coffee trail.” 

However, riding in the rain during this weather can be quite risky. He recalls an incident during his last trip to Bandipur. “It was a solo trip to Bandipur where I had an encounter with an elephant. When I saw it coming my way, I panicked and rode away. Due to the rain, my bike skidded in the middle of the forest. It took a while for someone else to come to help me out. It was a scary experience but thankfully there was no harm done,”  he says.

Even with the scary experience, he still looks forward to a monsoon trip everywhere.

Veer Daga, a financial analyst, is going to Bylakuppe. He explains, “It’s about 300 km from the city where many Tibetans have settled. A friend of mine visited the place recently and said it was absolutely beautiful. We get to learn about the different cultures and the history of the monks. I’m going with a friend of mine; planning to stay there for the weekend and make the most of it.”

Even though many have warned him that it’s probably not the best time to visit, Veer doesn’t want to wait any longer.

The rains might not give one the calm and dry experience a vacation is said to offer, but many still want to get away from the city.

 After all, as Veer says, “There’s no better time than now to go wherever you want and do whatever you want.”

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