Staying refreshed during Ramadan

Staying refreshed during Ramadan


Staying refreshed during Ramadan

A month dedicated to spirituality, Ramadan is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting from dawn until sunset. To some, it may seem a difficult task to operate at usual energy levels considering the drastic change in food timings. However, with careful planning, one can breeze through the month. Here are some tips to maximise your energy:

Breathe deeply: One must practise deep breathing in order to ensure that  enough oxygen reaches all the body’s cells. You can consider practising pranayama.

Plan your day: Try to keep a busy schedule to keep your mind occupied. One can also chalk out a time table to keep oneself mentally prepared.

Practise conscious eating: Go for foods that release energy slowly throughout the day rather than instant energy boosters. This will help one feel energetic and active throughout the day. Consume foods rich in fibre and complex carbohydrates, such whole grains, fruits, nuts, barley and vegetables like beans. Avoid oily, deep-fried foods and pickles, which can cause gastric irritation.

Eat slowly: One must eat slowly and make sure that they chew properly. Take the time to savour the food rather than gulping it all down. Gas is often the result of swallowing in too much air along with food. Practising better chewing habits will aid in digestion and help avoid stomach upsets.

 Break the habit: Coffee and tea are instant energy boosters and many have made it a necessary part of their day. It is best to avoid coffee during Ramadan as it is a diuretic and will make one feel thirsty faster. Opt for water or juices instead.

Get enough sleep: If the body does not get the rest it needs, one often feels sluggish the morning after. If needed, try adopting earlier sleeping timing.

(The author is MD, General Medicine, Apollo Clinic, Bengaluru)