Despite ban, many e-commerce sites still selling e-cigarettes

Despite ban, many e-commerce sites still selling e-cigarettes

Despite ban, many e-commerce sites still selling e-cigarettes

Four days after the state government banned sale of e-cigarettes, one can still buy them online.

With leading e-commerce companies not complying with the ban, top sources in the department of health and family welfare said the commissioner would write to the cyber police seeking their support in ensuring that the ban was effective.

“We have come across 50 companies that are selling e-cigarettes. We tried to get in touch with them as well. The details of a few were incorrect. We will also write to the home department,” said the source.

A senior police officer from the Cyber Crime department told Deccan Herald, “Most of the online portals which sell commodities are being operated from different countries or other states in India. So, they may not be aware of the ban on e-cigarettes here. However, it is their duty to be updated about the items being banned and they should make sure they pull out such banned products immediately from online shopping websites.”

“A meeting will be held with senior police officers and if need be, we will send a notification about the current ban on e-cigarettes to authorities concerned operating the online shopping portals. The cyber team will keep a constant track on such portals and if they are found selling it despite the notification, then stringent action against the authorities will be initiated,” he added.

Another senior police officer said, “Sometimes, it is difficult to keep track on the online shopping portals and these days, there are several portals which have come into existence.

“Recently, we found that certain portals were selling banned medicinal pills. We contacted their office and informed them about it after which they immediately withdrew them. In case of, e-cigarettes, we will inform them and ask them to take them off their shelves.”