Fancy a fast-paced career in event management?

Fancy a fast-paced career in event management?

Fancy a fast-paced career in event management?

Courses in event management equip students with knowledge and skills necessary to comprehend the various requirements of an event, write Gireesh Yaralakattimath & Sunil Kumar Hiremath.

Events have always been crucial elements of human associations, especially in our country, where events occupy a considerable amount of space on our calendars. Given such conditions, one can only imagine the opportunities that await those interested in event management.

As the name suggests, event management is all about conceptualising, planning, organising and finally executing an event. The event could be of any type — musical show, concert, exhibition, product launch etc. Hence, the magnitude of understanding business event planning will always remain on the top of the scheme for becoming a successful showman and an event planning expert.

Event management is catching up as a hot career alternative because of the elements of the glitz, glamour, flamboyance and style associated with it. More than ever, today mega events in different sectors depend exclusively on event management organisations. Thus, efficient and well-trained event managers are in great demand all over the world.

The essentials
Event management is idyllic for professionals whose responsibilities include occasionally or regularly coordinating events. Whether an administrative assistant or entrepreneur, if you are required to plan and coordinate an event, this course of instruction would be of immense help to you and latently expand your career opportunities in the future. You should know that this career field demands a whole range of skills from you. For starters, you have to be enthusiastic about the profession and have a positive attitude in general. Learn how to work in a team and also to build one from scratch. Having a high level of attention to detail will aid your career prospects.

Events are time-bound and you should be able to work under pressure and tight deadlines. Having the ability to creatively approach problems will give you an edge. Events are all about communication as you would have to interact with a number of people everyday. So, brush up your communication skills.

Things to consider
An aspirant opting for a diploma in event management course is required to clear 10+2 course in any discipline. For a postgraduate diploma, a bachelor’s degree in any discipline is a must. However, to become an event manager in a reputed firm, one must have an MBA degree. Event management courses provide you an insight into planning, production and execution of televised entertainment events. They delve into all aspects of event management and equip participants with knowledge and skills necessary to comprehend and employ elements of an event, plan and design events, manage artistes, markets and understand event production.

Normally, event management courses include subjects like introduction to corporate events, brand launch, experiential positioning of a brand, corporate identity, fashion shows, event execution, logistics and planning, creative design development and so on. Some of the reputed institutes that run event management courses in the country are the National Institute of Event Management, Mumbai; Amity Institute of Event Management, New Delhi; Apeejay Institute of Event Management, New Delhi and Gems B schools, Bengaluru.

An event manager is accountable for designing the basic framework for the event, marketing, dealing with sponsors, working on the logistics, locating the site, destinations, hiring performers and so on. When it comes to career opportunities, there are plenty of roles in this field. For starters, one can work as an event supervisor or executive and help conduct events like fashion shows, award ceremonies, music concerts, corporate seminars, workshops, exhibitions etc. Experience strongly influences income for this job. This is a lucrative field in which high performers are paid handsomely. So, go on and give this fascinating career a try.

(Gireesh is assistant professor, Siddaganga Institute of Technology,  Tumakuru and Sunil is assistant professor, Dr D Veerendra Heggade Institute of Management Studies and Research, Dharwad.)