'Dishoom' cast performs live stunt

'Dishoom' cast performs live stunt

'Dishoom' cast performs live stunt

Actors Varun Dhawan, John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez created a deja vu for the fans as they performed a chopper scene from their upcoming action-adventure film "Dishoom, live in Noida.

In an outside-the-box promotional strategy, the stars surprised their fans with a heroic entry from the helicopter.

"It was amazing for me. I'm quite a daredevil myself. So, when it comes to adventure sports I really enjoy such stuff. It was a lot of fun and flying over Delhi is like we got so much to see and It was actually very beautiful," said Jacqueline about her experience.

Varun, 29, however, said they were unable to imitate the stunt exactly due to rain."We enjoyed the stunt but after 10 minutes it started raining and Jacqueline also got scared."

The "Dilwale" star discussed his experience while shooting the scene for the film and said, "There was no body double used. It is me and John hanging off the helicopter doing a nose dive and we are 50-60 stories up in the stunt.

"This is definitely gravity-defying, logic-defying kind of stunt which I don't think any other actor would have agreed to do," he added.

John, who is essaying the role of a cop, Kabir Shergill, in the film, said he developed a great bond with his co-star Varun during the shoot.

"That was all the time (chopper scene) Varun and I hugged each other so much...," John joked.

"Dishoom" will hit the theatres this Friday.