Warm up the season

Warm up the season

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Warm up the season

Remember the time when polo neck was the buzzword during winters? This trend did well until experiments and modifications led to what is popularly known as turtleneck today.

 The 80s and 90s staple has been doing the rounds for a while now and every season, it comes up looking fresh and better than the last. This season too, it is getting popular and has been topping the list of must-haves in the closet.

“Turtlenecks are making a comeback this season. I fell in love with turtlenecks when I saw a photo of Marilyn Monroe sporting a black turtleneck sweater with high waist pants. I think turtlenecks add a retro vibe and make one look polished and glamorous,” says designer Dia Ajmera.

She says that the styles trending presently are the 70s inspired high neck, Victorian inspired puffed sleeves, the ones with pleats and lightweight denim.

The turtleneck trend is something that one can sport with something as simple as solid high-waisted pants or a skirt and even a short or mid-length turtleneck dress can look fabulous.

“Outfits with turtleneck are preferred only during winters, but in my opinion, they can be worn throughout the year. All one needs to do is choose the material wisely. The outfit can be worn in a business setting as well as a casual or formal setting depending on how one styles it,” details Dia.

She adds that one can go for materials like crepe and hojari which are ideal for the summer season while for winters, one can choose fuma lycra, wool and other thick materials. Solid colours or monochromatic check prints in black, white, grey, dark blue and maroon are in vogue this season.

Shirin Raj, a student of St Joseph’s College, says, “Turtleneck dresses look great. If one is looking for tops, turtleneck crop tops are trending, especially if teamed with high waist jeans or a skirt. It makes one look fit as it has a really good finish.” Agreeing that this trend is a cool one, Anjali Anish, another student, says that turtleneck tops and dresses that have detailing on the neckline add a dash of style to one’s personality.

She says, “With detailing around the neck, I don’t necessarily worry about accessorising, which is a big relief when am in a hurry.”

Proving itself to be a versatile style, the turtleneck has undergone a major change from its classic look.

Designer Sonal Verma says, “It is a take on the off-shoulder trend which was a major hit during the summer. It is almost like an extension of that, only that it has been redefined. There is the split turtleneck, exaggerated line and cowl turtlenecks that are getting popular. There are also those that come with detailing on the shoulders. So, with turtlenecks, it is the shoulder and the neck that take centrestage.”

    She highlights that it is not a trend specific to day wear, although people do make some changes when wearing it at night. Turtleneck outfits make for comfortable travel wear and people can also style it by layering the outfit with jackets, scarves and overcoats.

“I like the turtleneck top as it is comfortable to slip in and is an easy way to keep oneself warm. These tops will never go out of fashion and are a good choice for the cool season,” says student Vandana Shankar.