Just the right ones

Just the right ones

Just the right ones

Having the right decor accessories for your home is important. After all, how else will you ensure that your abode gives off the right feel of homeliness and love? While an extravagant chandelier can give a vibe a luxury to your living room, just a pop of hue on the bedroom walls can enliven the space. You can play around with a number of things in this arena.

However, many of us often falter at choosing the right one as there are numerous options that are available to us. When every day, the market is flooded with newer decor elements, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. So, here are a few things to keep in mind to make the whole process a lot more easier:

Fashionable linen

Digital prints and florals are in fashion. Along with that, quiet and calming hues like pale purple, rose quartz and serenity are being incorporated. Homes that are styled in a contemporary designs are in vogue today.

Chic curtains

Use curtains and cushions to give a chic look. To give a modern look to your house, choose curtains with straight lines, checked patterns or simple designs with subtle embroidery.

Eye-catchy colours

Go for bright and vibrant colours such as yellow, orange and green. These hues can make the rooms look larger than they actually seem. Avoid darker shades on the wall entirely. Corners can be created using accent pillows, throws and curtains.

Paint the wall

The perfect shade can brighten any room. Instead of painting the whole room in a single shade, you can consider painting just one wall to transform the space. Using colours such as blood red and tangerine in conjunction with subtle, sober colours are proving to be popular.

Natural light

When you are arranging the furniture, keep the couch and chairs away from the window so that natural light is not blocked. If your windows are laden with heavy drapes, replace them with lighter ones. Sheer is the best option here as it removes the ‘heavy’ feel and also lets in sunshine into your abode.

Cushions and throw pillows

Throw a set of colourful pillows on the couch. Various patterns and prints could be brought together and arranged in a way that it could bring in some peppiness to the room. If you are looking for something different and unique, you can consider putting a variety of sizes and textures together in the same room.

Focus on the floor

Make your floor look contemporary by throwing in a rug. This would add a hint of style and sophistication to the room. Be cautious when choosing a rug. You will want one that compliments the decor and the colour of your room. Don’t go in for one that contrasts everything else in the room.

Let’s get artsy and accessorise

Another way to add vibrancy to your home is by having colourful artwork on your walls. Paintings that feature the colours of your decor and furniture will pull the rooms together and will work in harmony to brighten up your home.

Vintage lamps and side tables are some home decor accessories that could make your room look elegant. You could also consider recycling used tins and bottles to light up the corners.

Things to avoid

While doing up our homes in terms of the decor, we sometimes overdo some aspects. To ensure that this does not happen, here are some things to keep in mind:

One very common mistake that people do while decorating their house is that they try to mix and match a lot. However, if it is done in excess, it makes your home look messy.
Avoid using the same colour or print in a single room.

Keeping the room colourful is good, but do not overdo it. Try to balance colour with nude shades. For example, if you have a sofa which is nude in colour, decorate it with brightly coloured cushions in orange.

Avoid putting in a lot of furniture in a small space as it can make it look cramped. Keep furniture elements to a minimum; it’s classy.
Don’t paint the whole room with bright colours in order to make it stand out. Doing so can make the room appear smaller. Instead, paint a single wall with dark colour and use bright, subtle colours on the other walls. This will make the room look bigger.
With these easy tips, styling your home can get a whole lot easier.

(The author is creative director, Anna Simona)

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