How about some flowers for the men?

How about some flowers for the men?


How about some flowers for the men?

There is a new trend on the block you should know about. And that is flowers on apparel — roses, tulips, orchids and peonies — entwined in green or brown vines spread all over on a background of either white, black or red, in fabrics like silk, cotton and linen.

Adding to the list are small animals like puppies, fish and crocodiles. Besides, these Aztec prints have become very popular for casual dressing. T-shirts, shirts, trousers, blazers, jackets, scarves etc. are all going with flowery or animal prints.

In case you were wondering, no, we aren’t talking about trends in womenswear. Prints are the new trends in menswear and floral is dominating the scene. Before you ask, again, no — they are not men dressed for holidaying in some remote Hawaiian islands or sunbathing on the beaches of Goa. These are perfect gentleman between the ages of 20 and 60, who go to colleges, work in the corporate world, or just about anyone else that has to go about life everyday.

Nothing over the top

And one look at these confident, successful men in floral prints and you will say, “Wow! What swag.” But these men may not be on the same page as Bollywood’s maveric Ranveer Singh, who loves to be crazily-attired in bold floral trousers-shirts, and sometimes jackets too. In fact, many a time he appears to be a walking flower bouquet. Interestingly, he never looks awkward or out of place and is always oozing confidence. There are very few who can carry off that kind of quirky sense of dressing with panache.

Fine, one doesn’t need to do a Ranveer to dress in prints. But how about keeping it low key, meaning, limiting oneself to small prints. It takes a bit of courage to shift from monochrome to floral, but isn’t it true that only those who dare are assured with fashionable success? As long as you are able to wear prints properly and don’t look uncomfortable, go for them. A diverse attire worn at least once a week adds a zing to your daily drab, dull life.

 Elaborating on the latest trend in menswear, Nivida Kohli, design manager of Numero UNO brand says, “Jungle and tropical garden are the highlight of the season. Palm fronds, hibiscus, pineapple and packed floral motifs are being used for All Over Prints (AOPs). For our menswear collection, we have offered these in Polos, T-shirts, shirts and shorts.’’

The best part of these prints is that it suits everyone. There is no favouritism of size, colour or age as far as these attires go. “Anyone who is confident enough to pull off this extremely vibrant fashion can flaunt floral prints. We’ve seen men with salt and pepper hair and a beard carry this look with élan. And the best thing about it is that it can be accommodated for any occasion. Be it formal or casual gatherings, it can be pulled off if worn the right way. All that one needs to do is pick out what suits the individual,” says fashion designer Sakshi Relan of  Sakshi K Relan Shirts and Trousers for Men.

 You can ration prints on your attire. If you are too shy to don a floral shirt, blazer or trouser, or if your office rules specify you to wear formals, you can opt for a floral tie. Even if that is a taboo, then opt for a floral handkerchief in your display pocket of jacket or a printed pair of socks. For example, you can wear a blue suit with a lavender- or pink-coloured shirt with a nice, blue, floral-printed tie. This will not offend anyone in official meetings too.

Fit to occasion

Keep floral blazers for a party or a dinner date. But just keep prints for the blazer and pair it with solid colour for shirts and trousers. If you want, you can pair your blazer with plain light or dark blue denims. If you have a printed shirt, opt for solid colour trousers and a blazer or a jacket. With this attire, you don’t need any other printed accessories.

 For a casual luncheon appointment, you will do well to be attired in printed T-shirts. Forget the designer wear; you will get printed polos and T-shirts in almost every branded clothing store. Small red, yellow or blue prints on a black, with midnight blue or dark green backgrounds look classy. Pair them with light coloured trousers for the day. If you want to wear it for the night, top these with a solid coloured jacket or a blazer, and you will get the ‘swag quotient’ right. If you want to wear a bold printed shirt (read floral or Aztec), then you have to tone it down with a basic pair of jeans or trousers.

For big floral print trousers, you need to wear a monochrome shirt. But these are certainly not for office wear; not even for casual Fridays. These are best worn for funky, beach or bachelor parties or a casual day out. Floral trousers can be very tricky; so you might want to be a little careful. Days when only women wore prints are bygone. Men are the newest torchbearers. And why not? After all, even our Prime Minister wore a Madiba print during his tour to South Africa.

What you can get floral prints on


Do’s & don’ts

Don’t wear more than one item of clothing with floral prints on it, unless it is a floral suit

If you are wearing dark prints, go for lighter fabrics

Those who like subtlety can for plain blazers over printed shirts

Keep the season in mind; darker florals for winter & autumn, while lighter ones for summer & spring

Printed pants and a white shirt or T-shirt can never go wrong

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