For a better tomorrow

For a better tomorrow


For a better tomorrow

It’s that time of the year again when young aspiring designers try to make it in the fashion world. Running in its fourth year, The Wills Lifestyle’s Debut witnessed 15 students battling it out in the regional round with their unique designs.

With Amit Sinha, Manoviraj Khosla and Raj Shroff as judges, nervousness was prominent on all the participants’ faces. However, confidence was seen in their designs.

All students had to work around a theme, Sunhera Kal: For all our tomorrows. The criteria for the selection was  garments signifying continuous existence, societal development, product and technology innovations, which promoted sustainable lifestyle and sustenance of life.

The afternoon showcased some interesting collections like Ipshita’s Recycled Cinderella, Govind’s Go Green and Kundan’s Ecoessence. Some collections like Nature’s Military by Suraj and Varun’s Seasons Apocalypse  tried to provide a solution for a better tomorrow by using either organic fabrics or industrial wastes and solar panels in the collection itself. There were also those like Anmol’s What’s next?, who instead of providing answers, questioned the topic through her designs.

“I just wondered with so much happening in our environment, what will happen next?

Will a dark cloud engulf our green planet or will we get to see the clear blue sky?” she questioned.  

While Nitin’s After Dark showed a very dark and grey future, Mishty brought in a silver lining to the dark Gothic age. About her collection Gothic Avatar, she said, “People always look at the Gothic age as a dark age but through this collection, I tried to showcase the positive side of the Gothic age.”

Many participants, in fact, took inspiration from the past for a better future. “There is a lot one can learn from the past. I believe taking positive aspects from the past can lead us to a better future,” said Niharika Das, who used prints from the Vedic age for her ethnic collection, Kalpvastram. There was also Vineeta’s Kal Aaj Aur Kal, which added on to the Indo-West fusion genre.

With fashion moving in cycles, Anjan took inspiration from the grunge look for his collection Generation XYZ, which was one of the best and sustainable collections of the lot. Ultimately, the judges selected four participants — Anjaan, Vinita, Mishti and Fazal — for the finals, which will be held in Delhi this month.