'I don't believe in restricting myself'

'I don't believe in restricting myself'

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'I don't believe in restricting myself'

Actor Tilak confesses that he always wanted to be an actor and this craze for the big screen started when he was a teenager. After working in the Kannada film industry for more than a decade, the young star has now become a little choosy about the kind of projects he wants to work on.

 Tilak has been appreciated for his performance in films like ‘Octopus’, ‘Karva’ and ‘Nanna Ninna Prema Kathe’. He will now be seen essaying the role of a well-educated, sophisticated urban dweller in ‘Just Akasmika’. His other project ‘Pallavi Talkies’, which has been pending for a long time, is also ready for release. In an interview with Nina C George, he talks about how exercising his judgement has yielded rich returns.

What got you to sign ‘Just Akasmika’?

My character is that of a  young man who tolerates no nonsense. His straightforward ways attract a lot of attention and make him popular among people of his age group. If there’s anything that goes wrong, then people go to him to get it sorted. The movie also does well to bring to the forefront the exploitation and injustice faced by the lower strata of society. There are both commercial and fun elements attached to the film.  

You seem to be careful in choosing projects... 

More than sending out a message, movies must entertain people. Actors are meant to entertain people and I choose only those characters that add value to my work. I don’t believe in restricting myself and look forward to working on new and non-repetitive roles.

Do you believe in taking risks?

Only taking risks can take you a long way. If I go by the set formula, then I am sure my career will come to a standstill in no time. There’s a lot of innovation and a different line of thinking creeping into the Kannada film industry and I am eager to be a part of that change. I don’t enjoy doing the same kind of work over and over again.  

What are you working on now?

I am presently working on two projects — ‘Sarvasa’ and ‘Santhu Straight Forward’. Both these give me the chance to look at ordinary things from a very different perspective. One is about friendship and the other is pegged on love and how the interpretation of this emotion has changed over the years.

You are known to encourage new talent...

 I do everything I can to keep reinventing myself and I believe new talents must be encouraged because they add a new dimension to the existing system.

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