'I don't believe in restricting myself'

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Last Updated 01 January 2017, 18:40 IST

Actor Dhananjaya believes in taking risks, big or small. He thinks only experiments will lead to progress and help him grow as an actor.

This approach, he firmly believes, will prepare and take him to the next level. This thought is clearly visible in his choice of films,  whether it is ‘Rhaatee’, ‘Boxer’,‘Badmaash’ or ‘Tagaru’, the actor has made concerted efforts to weed out repetition. The coming year looks good for Dhananjaya with ‘Allama’ almost ready for release and a couple more projects that he is working on. In an interview with Nina C George, the actor talks about why he is choosy with work.

Why do you think ‘Allama’ is different?

‘Allama’ is the biopic of 12th-century mystic-saint Allama Prabhu. I would say that this is by far the best project that  have worked on. I was handed over the script of ‘Allama’ a month before the actual shooting began. This gave me enough time to study the character and read about him, to understand what made him one among the most sought-after saints of his time. I also sat through some lessons in mridangam because Allama was a master at playing the instrument.

Did working on ‘Allama’ take you back to your theatre days?

Yes it did. The lengthy dialogues, flamboyant costumes and subtlety of the character did take me to my days in theatre.  I always felt like I was transported to a different world whenever I was shooting for ‘Allama’.  

What’s your role in ‘Eradane Sala’?

The film is directed by Guruprasad and it was his idea that I play the character of a flirt. The film delves into the emotions at play between a mother and son. It also looks at what happens when a woman enters the son’s life. It deals with a lot of issues that are seen cropping up in an urban setting, especially in nuclear families. It’s a very raw story and people will get to see the mischievous side of me.

What do you think is the strength of ‘Eradane Sala’?

The film explores real issues such as insecurities, love and what happens when one has too much expectations. It is relevant to the present times where the hard side of reality is narrated in a hilarious way.

What made you accept ‘Tagaru’?

 This is the first time that I was offered to play a villain in ‘Tagaru’ and it was hard to decline the offer. A lot of people wondered how I would be able to carry off a negative role but I was eager to take up the challenge. I don't believe in restricting myself. And the chance of acting alongside Shivarajkumar was another aspect that got me to sign on the dotted line. My character looks very interesting because I am not allowed to talk too much, my actions speak more. We also have a stylist working on giving me a look that suits my character.

Do you wish to venture into direction someday?

The stage has always been a part of my life and growing up years. The short film, ‘Jayanagar 4th Block’ was written by me and it gave me a good start. I want to get into direction someday but it’s too early to talk about it.  I have too much on my hands.

(Published 01 January 2017, 15:30 IST)

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