Have you seen God?

I am always seeing God, I don't see anything else. I see only that because what is that you call as God is that which is the basis of creation. Isn't it?

When you look at a piece of life; there are many ways to look at it. Either I can just look at your body or your mind through your conversation or I can look at what is the most fundamental in you, which is the basis of creation.

If you look at your own body - can you see that it is created from inside; today morning you ate Pongal. You ate pongal in the morning and by evening it becomes a human being. So obviously the creation is working within. Isn't it? Making pongal into human being is not a simple work, but it is happening everyday within you. So obviously the source of creation or what you refer to as creator or what you refer to as God is functioning within you. Do you see it or you don't see it - that is all, is the question? Every moment of life, I see it within myself and within everything that is around. So have I seen God? That's not a question. I see God, always.

Sense organs, the very nature of this, can only perceive that which is physical so when you say God or when you say creator you are talking about that which is the basis of physical creation. Isn't it? So, that dimension cannot be perceived through your present perception; through the five senses. Since it cannot be perceived through the five senses, the whole process of yoga; the whole process of  what we are calling as Inner Engineering is to engineer you in such a way that you begin to perceive the dimension which is beyond the physical. So, that dimension which is beyond the physical, which is the source of physical creation is what you are referring to as God. And that source of creation is functioning within you. Has it come into your experience or not is the only question?

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