'Zumba is for one and all'

'Zumba is for one and all'

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It was in 2009 in US that Sucheta Pal mistook a Zumba class for an African dance class and got hooked to it. Eventually trained and licensed in all eight formats of Zumba, Pal returned to India in 2012 to lead the Zumba movement in the country as an education specialist and one of the few master trainers in the world. On the sidelines of a Zumba Master Class organised by Ignite 361, a dance and fitness Academy in Gurgaon, she talks to Metrolife about her love for fitness, shares some effective Zumba tips and more.
Tell us about your tryst with Zumba.
I studied to be an electrical and electronics engineer but I worked for over five years as a business analyst in the corporate world till I discovered my true passion of dance and fitness. I taught in the US for three years till the CEO of Zumba Fitness noticed and auditioned me in Miami. That’s when it all started.

Why is Zumba essential?
From a five-year-old who enjoys a Zumba kids’ class to a 65-year-old who rocks it at a Zumba gold class, I believe, Zumba is for one and all. The best part of Zumba is a total body workout incorporating cardio, toning and flexibility.
With our fast-paced stressful lifestyle, it’s extremely important that we get in one hour of a workout and choose a workout which we love. It can be yoga, Pilates or Zumba. As long as we enjoy it and stick to it, we will get the

Now that awareness about wellness has seen a rise, what else can be done?
It’s going to grow by leaps and bounds. We need to get out of the gym mindset and take fitness to the common person, probably by making fitness more fun. We need to get educated and we need to spread awareness of basics of health and fitness via events, workshops and fitness parties.  

Give us some tips to learn the art?
Go with the flow, follow the licensed instructor when it comes to posture and movement, have a huge smile and embrace the world of music. You feel like you are in a night club dancing away your blues and the only difference is that you are following a licensed instructor who is tricking you into doing several squats and lunges via the medium of dance.

Where do you derive your energy from?
People are my greatest inspiration and motivation. When I reach out to them or train them or simply speak to them about health and fitness, I see this instant gratification which is unlike any other job.  

Give us a glimpse into your daily schedule?
I sleep seven hours daily, post which breakfast is the highlight of my day with carbohydrates and proteins loaded. Next I try to get my workout early in the day with some strength and flexibility training. The meetings post that are never ending and I always try to teach a class in the evenings and finish off with a hearty

What are you currently up to?
I am currently travelling the world as an international presenter for Zumba Fitness.

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