Scribe who hurled shoe at PC 'assaulted'

Scribe who hurled shoe at PC 'assaulted'

Scribe who hurled shoe at PC 'assaulted'

Jarnail Singh. AP

The former journalist was standing outside the court to express his support during the hearing of the Sikh-riot victims’ case involving key witness Nirptreet Kaur.

“I was pushed around and manhandled while I was leaving the court,”  Singh told Deccan Herald.

He said Atma Singh  Lubana, one of the Sikh leaders who was allegedly brought over by Sajjan Kumar, encircled him with his supporters.  Lubana, also a former member of the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee, was earlier sentenced for harassing key anti-Sikh riot witness Darshan Kaur and was also pulled up by “Akal Takht,” the highest seat of Sikh religion, for his anti-Sikh activities, said the former journalist. 

The incident took place after the court granted bail to the 10 accused, including Sajjan Kumar, in two cases related to their alleged involvement in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. All of them furnished a surety and personal bonds of Rs 50,000 each.

“The people who jostled me were supporters of Sajjan Kumar. One of them even threatened me with dire consequences,”  Jarnail Singh said in his a complaint lodged with the police.

 “They (the assaulters) were trying to intimidate Nirpreet and other witnesses in the case,” he added. Police officers  intervened in the scuffle and took him inside the court.