Pedalling through life

My perfect weekend

Pedalling through life

My perfect weekend or day is when I’m on the road, off to any place which is bound by nature. Travelling has been my first love and will continue to be so.

Every penny I save has always been for the sole intent of travelling more and I intend it to stay that way. It doesn’t tire me out at all, be it a place known or unknown and with friends or solo. Going to places has a certain magic to it; it broadens one’s horizon.

I don’t like to stay in Bengaluru and if it wasn’t for my work, I would have never been here. I just pack my bags and leave to Goa when I don’t have a planned itinerary; it’s like my second home now. I am very fond of watching wildlife and I like visiting places like Masinagudi and Bandipur. I also like going to non-commercialised places like Kabini, where a friend has a farmhouse where one can go for fishing.

My house is my refuge and I love the fact that it is away from the humdrum of the city. There are a lot of trees around. I rarely invite friends over and though I love meeting new people, my close friends know that I love having my private space. When with friends, I am either outside or at their home. My other close buddy is my teddy bear ‘Othla’ which is always with me at home.

Relaxing with friends — be it the ones from the industry like Vasishta N Simha (I know him from before I joined the industry) or Pannaga Bharana, my best friends who have been with me for 15 years now or other friends like Anup and Vinay — is my kind of ‘fun time’. I used to work as an assistant manager with an MNC before I joined the film industry and my boss from there, Gokul, is also a friend I like hanging out with. I embarrass all my friends with my antics and I can be the craziest of the lot. They often ask me if I am an actor at all as I don’t know how to behave like one.

When I have some time to myself, you will find me cuddled up with a romantic-comedy book and a cup of coffee with music. When I’m not in the mood to sit at home, I go out and chill at a cafe near my place and will be there till night. At the moment I’m reading ‘Oh Yes I’m Single...! And So Is My Girlfriend’ and my favourite book is Lauren Kate’s ‘Passion’. A very integral part of any day of my life is coffee — I cannot survive without it! I’m a true Coorgi that way. I feel incomplete without my ‘cup of joy’ and there are no two ways to it.

To kickstart my day, I need strong sugarless coffee and I feel that my day is jinxed without it. Another important thing is music — I’m forever plugged in. In fact when on the sets of ‘Ira’, Rajvardhan and Vasishta would hide my speakers and my earphones. My favourite song at the moment is ‘Love You Zindagi’ — which is my caller tune and ringtone and I’m forever singing it — and this makes them run away from me. I love listening to romantic songs and even EDM as I am a party freak.  I am not into gymming or tedious workouts and I am a big foodie. Thus, the only exercise I get is when I cycle, which I love, and while  playing badminton.

When back home at Peroor, Coorg, which happens quite rarely, I love chilling with my cousins. It’s mostly for special occasions or family functions that we gather together. It is also quite rare that I get to spend time with my father Nagesh, mother Latha and brother Karthik.

I love watching all kinds of movies, from horror to romantic ones. My favourite movies include ‘How to Be Single’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’. I also like shopping and experimenting with new designs and unique ensembles.

However, give me a minute to spare and one would find me packing my bags and heading off to the next nature spot. I am a travel freak and there is nothing else that could entice me more than the breeze hitting my face and the opportunity to meet random people and exchange interesting stories.”
(As told to Tini Sara Anien)

Actor Krishi Thapanda was first seen in a stylish avatar in the Kannada movie ‘Akira’ before other projects came her way. Recently seen in a no-makeup role in ‘Kahi’, Krishi hopes to explore a different side of hers. Her upcoming movie ‘Eradu Kanasu’ with Vijay Raghavendra will see her donning a reporter’s role. Other movies in the pipeline are ‘Alpa Virama’ with Kishor of ‘Kabali’ fame, where she will be seen essaying five different roles and ‘Kannadakagi Ondannu Othi’. She is currently shooting for ‘Ira’, which also stars Vasishta and Rajvardhan.

A few of my favourite things

Romantic comedy
Teddy bear ‘Othla’

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