When less is more

When less is more

Fashion resolutions

When less is more

The world of fashion is a tricky one. Just when you think you have found the perfect thing to wear, the trend changes in the blink of an eye.

Though if you’re lucky, the style will revamp and make your outfit look like a ‘classic’ option. But with the ‘new year, new me’ motto that almost everyone follows, fashion resolutions are something that fashionistas are excited about right now.

Clearing out your closet and making room for newer ideas is one of the ways to make a statement this year. Nandini Rao, co-founder of ‘Netelier.com’, suggests that the best way to do this is to whittle down to the essentials. She says, “Go through your clothing and accessories and group them by categories.

You can then subsection them further and decide if you fits you properly, makes you feel great, matches with anything else you have in your closet and where you plan on wearing it. Declutter your wardrobe and make a pile for donation, resale or tailoring; an unsure pile if you can’t decide.” This, she recommends, will guide one in terms of how to balance your wardrobe.

However, deciding to wear clothes simply because they are in trend does no one any good. This could also be a reason why the fashion world in itself is revamping its style to suit the liking of fashion enthusiasts. As 2016 saw a lot of off-shoulder and cut out shoulder tops, there is a feeling that this year will see similar designs.

Nandini Swaminathan, blogger at ‘Sartorial Secrets’ says, “I believe that the statements this year are going to be a reinvention of last year’s trends. The off-shoulder and cut out shoulders are going to be revamped as one shoulder tops and dresses. The chokers also made a big comeback last year but this year it is going to be more of a small necklace that falls on your collar bone.”

She also adds that her fashion resolution this time is to experiment more and step out of her comfort zone. “Lemon yellow and shades of pink are the colours I am looking forward to experimenting with,” she adds.

For fashion designer Govind, it is still Indian handlooms that he wants to work with. He says, “Last year, using Indian handlooms for designing was one of the trendsetters in the fashion world. I’m looking forward to using this material and taking it a step further with my collections. The material is putting our country on the world map as well.”As trends are always changing, it is one thing to fall into the fashion rut and it is another to feel insecure in the outfit that you are wearing.

Perhaps, that’s why Priyanjana Roy from ‘Moonshine and sunlight’ blog is taking the resolution to wear outfits that fit her and make her feel comfortable. “I want to wear more of Indian outfits this year, especially saris and skirts. I also want to change my idea of wearing a jeans and top all the time. Since green is not my favourite colour and it is going to be the colour of the year, I aim to find something else to look trendy.”

In order to stand out and make a statement, Ankita Thakur, a student, is going to add small elements to break the monotony of neutral colours. She says, “Kylie Jenner set the trend last year by wearing neutral colours from head to toe. But with a pop of colour in your jewellery or accessory, it will definitely be a style statement and get them going for the year.”