'My father wants me to bring spices'

'My father wants me to bring spices'

Visitors' voices

'My father wants me to bring spices'

The Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) celebrations had its fair sprinkling of dignitaries — from as many as 27 countries. And the Indian experience has been unique for them.

Marie Helenie from France had heard a great deal about the previous editions of PBD and was eager to experience it first hand. She says, “This is my second visit to India. I’ve been here for two weeks now, moving across several cities. I am impressed how the cities in this country have grown.”

She has much to talk about Bengaluru. “This is a city that is very warm and welcoming to people from across the globe. People here are very stylish, well-informed and are a smart community.”

There was a large number of dignitaries from Portugal as part of the Portugal Prime Minister Dr Antonio Costa’s  contingent as well. This is the first time that Heromina de Freitas Teixeira and Liliana Domingues, both natives of Lisbon are visiting India.

“I have been waiting to visit India as a tourist and travel to every corner of the country for a long time and PBD came as the perfect opportunity,” says Heromina, who also traces her ancestral roots to Goa.

Liliana is looking forward to shopping and experiencing the food culture here.
“My friends told me to return with lots of gifts from India and I am going to go on a shopping spree,” adds Liliana.

 There were also a sizeable number of Malaysians among the crowd. Nurul Jiana Binti Mohd Jamel, a Malay, was also excited because this was her first visit to India.

She was particularly impressed with the malls in Bengaluru. “My family has sent a long shopping list. My father wants me to bring back spices and my mother and sisters want saris. I also want to pick up some quirky things for my friends,” says Nurul.

She was also very impressed with the infrastructure of Bengaluru. “The malls here have some of the world’s best brands and I am also told that streetwear here is stylish and offers value for money,” adds Nurul.    

One could also spot Margit Hellwig-Botte, Consul General, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bengaluru  in a bright red outfit with matching accessories at the event. Margit says, “I am looking forward to meeting a lot of young Indians from different parts of India and abroad strengthen ties between India and Germany.”

“PBD is an opportunity for exchanging and sharing ideas with young minds to boost educational collaborations and facilitate cultural exchanges between the two countries,” she adds.