The path of passion

Behind the lens

It was during a trip to Chikkamagaluru that Satish Singh realised his love for photography. Though he captured pictures of the tourist spot on his digital camera, upon returning home, he decided to purchase a DSLR.

With constant support and appreciation from his friends and fellow photographers, Satish gained the confidence to explore further in the world of photography. He talks to Anila Kurian about how photography has changed his life.

Which type of photography do you enjoy the most? 

I have covered concerts, wedding and travel photography, but street photography holds a special place in my heart. It’s amazing to meet real people and understand their stories. Capturing their special moments and displaying them for others to see is an indescribable feeling.

Any picture that you are particularly fond of? 

During one of my visits, I came across this little girl named Roshni. She was young, beautiful and energetic. I took a portrait of her and fell in love with it. It’s hung in my room and no matter how bad my day is going, when I look at her picture, I feel that things will get better.

A lesson you’ve learnt from street photography?

I usually go on photo walks with my friends during weekends. We travel a few kilometres from the city and there is a big change in the scene as soon as we enter a village. The people there don’t have enough facilities like us but they seem really happy. It shows that money is not the most important thing in life but the journey itself is what matters. These photo walks have made me a simpler man.

How do you manage photography with a full-time job?

I work in an investment bank as a senior analyst and work does get hectic at times. But I work in a night shift, so I have time in the morning. I usually plan out my schedule and what I want to shoot over the week so that I can completely concentrate on that during the weekends.

Photography to you means...

It’s a world on its own. It means everything to me. I used to play the guitar and read a lot but when I learnt about my interest in photography, I gave up all of that. It’s funny but I don’t miss it ­either. I know that I have to give it my all because this has become my passion.

Your goal for the year...

To travel more and capture as many pictures as I can.

An advice to aspiring photographers... 

If you are someone who wants to become well-known in the field, don’t give up. There will be plenty of highs and lows; not all your pictures will be great. But learn from your mistakes and you will get better. It’s not the final product that counts but the journey that takes you there.

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