A pot full of surprises

A pot full of surprises

Homely flavours

A pot full of surprises

Have you experienced one of those lazy days when you just don’t feel like cooking, or perhaps when you crave the taste of homemade food? Well, ‘Matka House’, a new entrant to the list of restaurants in CV Raman Nagar, serves some great traditional home-like food, that will only make you want to visit the place again.

Started seven months back, this restaurant is becoming popular among foodies in the surrounding area. Though the restaurant has some seating, it’s a small place and people generally like to get home deliveries done.

The concept behind the quirky name is that almost every dish is served in a
‘matka’ (earthen pot), be it your hot pot of tea, ‘biryani’ or even the dips.

The restaurant serves both Continental and North Indian cuisines in the most creative way. The quantities are good enough so make sure you order wisely or you will miss out on exploring the elaborate menu.

For starters, ask for a plate of ‘Chicken shashlik’ or the ‘Tandoori fish’. The aroma of the spices in the ‘shashlik’ will make you nostalgic. The finely cooked fish is soft and juicy.

You can also try the ‘Achari paneer tikka’ and the ‘Stuffed mushroom’. While you finish up with your munchies, ask for ‘lassi’ and if you are a tea lover, try out their ‘Matka chai’.

For a quick bite, one can also explore the ‘chaats’ and rolls section. The ‘Samosa chaat’ and even the ‘Dahi papdi’ are a good choice. Rolls like ‘Herb roasted mushroom with cheese’ and ‘Murg tikka’ are filling and make for good options for a light

However, if you are looking for an elaborate meal, the must try is the ‘Chicken biryani’. Not very spicy and neither too blend, it has the perfect balance of spices.
Roti lovers can look out for the ‘Coin butter naan’ or the ‘parathas’ with either a ‘raita’ or a gravy of your choice. It is not just the food that connects people here, even the cosy ambience adds to the gastronomical experience. The home-like tasty food is sure to make one come back for more.

‘Matka House’ is located at 19, JP Morris Building, 17th Cross, Kaggadasapura Main Road, CV Raman Nagar. For details call 45128630.