3-day deadline for taxi aggregators, drivers to resolve issues

3-day deadline for taxi aggregators, drivers to resolve issues

3-day deadline for taxi aggregators, drivers to resolve issues

Transport authorities on Wednesday set a three-day deadline for the app-based taxi aggregators — Ola and Uber — and their protesting drivers to thrash out the issues, after a meeting called to help both parties reach an agreement ended inconclusively.

Transport officials told DH that drivers aired their grievances and sought that meters be made mandatory. But officials said they were helpless in this regard as the High Court had stayed the matter. “If there is no agreement, we will hold another meeting on Monday,” a senior official said.

The meeting witnessed heated moments as leaders representing unions said the two persons each from Ola and Uber did not have any powers and that the managements had not taken the meeting seriously. Officials directed the company representatives to report the minutes of the meeting to their higher-ups.

Tanveer, leader of Ola, Taxi For Sure, Uber Drivers’ and Owners’ Union, said the companies were running shared taxis — Uber Pool and Ola Share — allowing more than two unknown people to travel in the same cab. “But there are no rules here.

What if a girl is harassed or molested during the ride? If something happens, drivers will be held responsible,” he said.

“The company representatives denied running share taxis after officials said it was illegal. But I gave the proof and the authorities warned them of action,” he said.

“The companies say we can earn up to Rs 1 lakh per month, but we do not even get a copy of the agreements which are in English. How can a SSLC-pass driver understand contents of such documents?” he said.

Other drivers attending the meeting said they were fined without giving notice for missing rides, which was again denied by the company representatives.

The unions have threatened to hold massive agitation if their grievances are not addressed by the companies on Monday. Tanveer and H E Somashekhar, leaders of two groups comprising more than 10 unions, said they may have no option, but take to the streets.