Eyes on the ear

Eyes on the ear

Eyes on the ear

The verdict for spring-summer 2017 is clear: go big or go home. The season’s accessory trends are designed for the discerning and built for the glamorous as designers are choosing the ears as their focal point and turning it into their creative canvas. This is especially manifesting itself in earrings of various types, forms, shapes and sizes.

Here are the key earring trends that will be makingthe rounds this spring-summer.

Mismatched earrings
It is offbeat, cool, rebellious and experimentative. With a surplus of options in the fine and costume jewellery market, it is important to keep in mind that the more different your earrings are, the better; though they have to simultaneously compliment each other.

The key is to play around with metals and shapes. If you’re looking for a cohesive look, let the colour of the stones and metal be consistent but play with angles. And if unexpected is your motto, then do the exact opposite by wearing gold on one ear and silver on the other. Contrast is key. A structured geometrical earring on one side and a delicate drop earring on the other is asymmetrical styling at its best. Let your ears do the talking by tucking your hair into a neat ponytail.

Single earrings
Lost or misplaced a earring? No problem. We have a trend that will offer you immediate redemption. The best way, however, to capitalize on this trend is by following just one rule — avoid small and dainty earrings.

Chances are you’ll end up looking like you’ve lost a earring. If you are letting one ear stay bare, then it is important that you compensate for it by overly embellishing the other one.

Rely on a trendy ear cuff or a shoulder-skimming earring to do the trick. The more eclectic it is, the better. To show off this trend, opt for side-swept hair, side-swept braids or a sleek updo. Rockstar attitude mandatory.

The ear jacket
Or the under-lobe or front-back earring is an extended earring at the back. The extension of the earring is clipped on from behind the lobe — it either hangs or follows the curve of the ear. These became especially popular after Dior’s pearl renditions that saw copies everywhere, right from the ramps to the streets. For simple everyday elegance, wear them as studs. For a night on the town, dramatic drops look stunning with an updo.

Extensions of this trend are ear crawlers (resembling a branch) and ear climbers (dainty lines of diamond or pearl studs).

Inspired by art-deco
With a penchant for futuristic lines, graphic shapes and innovative use of materials, earrings that could pass off as veritable works of art were seen on the runways of Proenza Schouler, Stella McCartney and others. Inspiration was taken from architecture whereas wood, acrylic and mineral stones were used to materialize on the same. It is only wise to keep the hair and makeup fuss-free and minimal and allow your ears to do the talking. Brownie points if you wear them to an art exhibition.

Costume jewellery, pearls, crosses and tassels have continued to make their presence felt over several seasons. Everyday things like safety pins,cutlery and phone emojis are also making their way to the ear lobes and innovative piercing positions are becoming increasingly popular. By the look of trends, we might have just hit fashion’s sweet spot.
(Contributed by Farah Magi)

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