SIT had not fixed March 21 for my appearance: Modi

SIT had not fixed March 21 for my appearance: Modi

Modi writes open letter, explains his stand

SIT had not fixed March 21 for my appearance: Modi

''SIT had not fixed March 21, 2010 for my appearance. To say that I was summoned on March 21 is completely false. I shall respond to the SIT fully respecting the law and keeping in view the dignity of a body appointed by the Supreme Court,'' he said in an open letter.

Modi's letter came following reports that he had boycotted the SIT summons.

He said, "Truth cannot be suppressed. It is now my duty to place before you the facts that brings out the importance of understanding what the truth really is."

Elaborating his stand, he said, "After the 2002 Godhra incidents, I had categorically said in the Vidhan Sabha and in public that no one is above the Indian Constitution and the law, even if he happens to be the chief minister of a state. These are not mere words. My actions have reflected this statement in its true spirit. I assure you that this would be my stand in the future."

Modi sought a probe into why and who spread "lies" that SIT has summoned him on March 21.

"The purveyors of untruth failed even to think that March 21, 2010 happens to be a Sunday and a public holiday. These purveyors of lies even did not once bother to check whether the key SIT officers, who are appointed by the Supreme Court, were present in Gujarat on March 21, 2010," he said.

Modi said some vested interest wanted to interfere in the due process of law and paint him as a person who refused to respond to the SIT.

Also attacking the media, he said, "This country has in the last twenty four hours witnessed a campaign of disinformation in which a section of the media became an instrument of disinformers. I hope this section will now take corrective steps."

Claiming that sustained efforts had been made since 2002 to defame Gujarat, he said these were aimed at instigating people.

He said, "Gujarat Government has always honoured and cooperated with the investigative agencies, commissions and Supreme Court looking into Godhra and post-Godhra incidents."

Giving reasons why he had not made any statement earlier, Modi said, "I decided to maintain silence in the belief that due process of law would take its own course."

"But now as the lies reach a crescendo as never before, I am compelled to bring the facts before the countrymen. I also consider it as my humble duty," he said.

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