A display of emotions

Picture-perfect moments

A display of emotions

He finds a way to bring out the colour in a picture even when the day is grey and gloomy. With his love for travelling, he captures moments he finds precious and tells a story through his pictures. It’s been a few years since he found a passion for photography and Karthi KN Raveendiran never misses an opportunity to click and tell.

He talks to Anila Kurian about his journey so far and what he thinks makes a great photograph.

How did your tryst with art begin?

I am a software engineer by profession. I enjoy drawing and sketching colourful things during my free time. I used to look through various artistic photographs and often thought it would help my interest in art. I have been fascinated with various angles and try to perceive things differently. This has helped me move towards photography completely. That is how I  embraced my passion.

Describe your genre of photography.

There’s no particular reason behind this but I enjoy clicking pictures of people. I mostly look at single subject photographs and I think that’s what makes the view better. I’m usually never satisfied if I ever take a picture which doesn’t have a person or a subject in focus.

Which camera do you use? 

I’m currently using the Nikon D810 with a few lenses which change as per the picture.

How do you balance work and photography?

(Laughs) It has its challenges but I have my weekends off which I take advantage of. I am part of a photography club in the city and we often go on photo walks to nearby places. When time permits, I also travel across the
country and explore.

According to you, what makes a good picture? 

There isn’t much that takes one to take a good photograph but it should be engaging and portray the emotions of the subject. It can be anything from being happy and angry to sad as long as you are able to express what they are trying to do and tell a story through it.

Which has been your most memorable trip?

I went on a 30-day trip from Kanyakumari to Kashmir by car with my friends last week. We travelled along the coastlines and stopped at all the prominent places on the way. It was a rather breathtaking experience.

How has your experience of travelling across the country been?

Our country has changed so much over the years that we have access to everything we need. Even if we think that we are not comfortable at a place, there is always some form of technology that we can use to find comfort. Thanks to that, I haven’t faced any problems during my travels. All of my experience have been a memorable.

Your dream location.

I’ve done an all-India tour, thanks to my trip last year. This is a work-in-progress but I want to do a world tour as well. It will take a lot of planning and I’ve already started. The plan is slowly starting to take shape and I can’t wait!
Photography to you is...

It’s a form of art and I just love to click. With every picture I take, I learn something new about the people and about myself. That’s why I love travelling, meeting new people and sharing those stories with people who enjoy my work.

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