Charmed by the diversity

Melting pot

Charmed by the diversity

Hailing from Assam, Avik Dey and Shivangi Bora knew that moving to Bengaluru would be a great learning experience. But what they didn’t know back then was that this was going to be their home soon.     

Avik, who is a software engineer with JC Inc is from Silchar while Shivangi, a doctor at St John’s Medical College, is from Dibrugarh.

The opportunities in Bengaluru bring people from across the country here and Avik’s story was no different. He finished his schooling from Silchar, graduated from
Vellore Engineering College and has also worked in Gurgaon.

“People back home have a fascination for Bengaluru, thanks to its cosmopolitan nature, the conducive environment it provides for individual growth, and the accepting nature of its people,” he says.

“I have also observed that the people here, be it a daily-wage labourer or a highly-paid professional, everyone is aware of what’s happening around. Everybody is well-informed, which is another interesting facet of the city,” adds Avik.

Shivangi is also all praises for Bengaluru’s weather. “It’s so pleasant here and in that context, there is no other place that can be compared with Bengaluru,” she says.

The people here are also very warm and pleasant, vouches Shivangi. “They
have always helped us and extended their support to us, be it in any situation,” she says.

Avik adds that he finds Bengalureans very progressive and welcoming. “The people here are polite and carefree and they accept others as they are.”

The city is a fine balance of varied elements — the traditional and the modern. “One can wear whatever they want to and they won’t be judged for what they step out in.

That also applies to the way one eats or the way they talk. No one stares at you for your choices,” says Avik. Shivangi adds, “One doesn’t need to be uber rich to enjoy life here. The nightlife is great and there is a variety of spaces one can choose to hang out at, according to their taste.”

The city’s changing and continually developing nature adds to its character, states
the duo.

Avik feels that the layout of the city is done well, though the number of crosses at every road can be confusing.

“However, this doesn’t take away from the charm and diversity of the place,” he adds.

Recollecting memories from their hometowns, Avik says that Silchar is known for its tea and paper mills.

“It borders Bangladesh. Silchar is a peaceful place in the northeast,” he adds.

Shivangi says that her hometown is best known for its simple people and the fun-loving character of the place. “This made settling in here faster and smoother, as Bengaluru is also a fun place to be in,” she says.

Avik’s love for South Indian food also helped in that regard. “Food has never been a problem for us. I enjoy the various ‘bath’ preparations and gorge on the dishes. The food here is so comforting,” he says. Shivangi adds, “Though the food habits may be different, back in Assam we do consume rice and that is a common thing that we share with Bengalureans. I also love having ‘dosa’ and ‘idli’.”

The green lung spaces make Bengaluru the ‘cool place’ that it is known to be, vouches Avik. “We stay in JP Nagar and totally love the beautiful green spaces
around the city. I also love the green stretches on Old Airport Road, Indiranagar and BTM Layout,” he says.

The peaceful vibe of these places has added to the quality of life here, he says. “I do visit MG Road and the surrounding areas too if I have some work there,” he says. The couple like spending time together at joints like ‘Brewsky’, ‘Toit’ and ‘Disney Bakery’ and the  ‘darshinis’.

Like any other Bengalurean, Avik finds the traffic jams here  bothersome but he says that the other advantages of the city outweigh this.

“Given a choice of three cities to stay in, my answer would always be Bengaluru, Bengaluru and only Bengaluru,” he says with a beaming smile.

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