Choosing the right tile

Choosing the right tile

Ketan Trivedi educates you about the different aspects to keep in mind before laying tiles in your house

Choosing the right tile
We have an unwavering bond with our homes. Styling it well, combined with functionality is very important. While choosing tiles for their homes, most people choose based on colours, patterns, textures etc. But tiles should be chosen depending on the application area. Let us now look at how to select tiles for different areas for your home depending upon functionality.


Tiles can be used both on bathroom floors and walls. In case of bathroom floor tiles, resistance to water and stains is the most important factor to be considered along with a logical and obvious requirement for floor tiles to be skid-free. Ceramic tiles with 3-6% water absorption levels are recommended for bathroom floor tiles. You can also choose other options like porcelain vitrified tiles or glazed vitrified tiles with matte finish for the floors.

For the bathroom wall tiles, glossy tiles or matte tiles with glazed finish are recommended for easy cleaning and maintenance. Nowadays, germ-free tiles are also available for wet areas which resist bacteria growth. These tiles are designed with an aim to fuse the latest style trends with hygiene that provides varied interior themes coupled with germ-free tiling solutions. This latest collection prevents mould and stain-causing bacteria and highlights the slip and scratch resistant qualities which ultimately provide robust interiors.


Tile floors are a great choice for kitchens because they are hygienic and easy to clean. Anti-skid durable tiles are apt for kitchens as they can withstand scratches. While laying the tiles, you need to ensure minimum spacing (joint) between them to prevent accumulation of dirt. Matching the tiles with the kitchen unit will give a seamless look.

A new trend in kitchens is the additional use of backsplash tiles on kitchen walls. They add a lot of colour and dash to the kitchens. They are easy to clean and are available in glossy or glazed matte material. Kitchen backsplashes come in attractive shades, textures and motifs, and are positioned just above the kitchen platform.

Living room

Polished and fully vitrified tiles or composite marbles are recommended for the living room floor tiles. You can also opt for elegant ceramic floor or porcelain tiles that give a classy look to your living room. They are durable and water-resistant. You need to select the size of the tiles depending on the room size. Large-sized tiles are recommended for a finished look with lesser number of joints.

For the wall, you can use tiles to create one wall as a feature wall or an accent wall. With more imaginative choices for colours, finishes and textures, the modern feature wall not only adds interest to an otherwise plain space, but is also a functional and beneficial design element.


For a child’s bedroom, nothing beats a brightly tiled floor as it adds the required vibrancy as well as saves it from the wide range of threats. For instance, wear and tear from foot traffic, toys, drops and spills can take a toll and mar your investment. Tiles are extremely durable, making them the best option for a kid’s bedroom.

 Tiles may seem to be an unconditional choice for an adult’s bedroom, but it’s incredible durability and wide range of texture and colours make it a good choice. Ceramic or porcelain tiles can replicate the look of natural stone and wood. And a highlighted wall can be put up behind the bed. The colour and shade of the bedroom tiles should be soothing so that it gives you a relaxing feel when you are in your bedroom. Also, tiles keep your room cooler, and considering the climatic conditions in India, tiles are surely apt for your bedroom floors.

While making a decision on tiles, do remember that the durability of tiles is very high and that they will last for years to come. An ideal home would be the one which connects all spaces; so while choosing tiles you must always have a theme which synchronises with your interiors. Get ready to experience the transformation of your home to an ultimate retreat with varied range of tiles!

(The author is general manager — marketing, H&R Johnson)