'I have always made instinctive decisions'

'I have always made instinctive decisions'

Multifaceted actor

'I have always made instinctive decisions'

Although Sruthi Hariharan began her career as an  actor, she now wishes to explore every aspect of filmmaking.

Sruthi has now ventured into production and is also understanding what comprises direction and scriptwriting. She believes that these experiences put together will sharpen her skills as an actor. The young lady also chooses her characters very carefully because she believes in charting her career the way she visualises it to be. In an interview with Nina C George, Sruthi talks about her journey so far.  

What makes ‘Urvi’ different?
There are some very serious issues that have been raised in ‘Urvi’ like objectification of women. I play the character of Asha, who is an orphan but doesn’t brood over her state or worry about her life. She not only works hard to fend for herself but also lends support to women caught in a similar situation. The movie is a thriller with loads of drama. The director has really pushed the boundaries of filmmaking in this project.

What got you to sign ‘Upendra Mathe Baa’?  
I chose to sign ‘Upendra Mathe Baa’ only because of Upendra. It is amazing to have conversations with him. We would discuss at length the techniques of handling a camera, books and politics. Although, he is a director, Upendra is a thorough professional when he is acting and doesn’t do anything that may take away the respect of the

What is the film about ?
The film is a commercial family entertainer and was one project that I worked on without doing too much homework or prior preparation. It was easy to slip into the role. I play his love interest in the film but I’ve have managed to retain my individuality and personality.
What are you working on next?
I am working on a film with Darshan called ‘Tarak’. I play his friend in the film and it’s my first experience working with him. I am also working on another project with Danish Sait. The film takes a dig at the political scene in the country and how corrupt the politicians are.

On turning producer...
My decision to produce, ‘The Last Kannadiga’, was an instinctive one because I’ve never really been able to derive complete creative satisfaction as an actor. I have always made instinctive decisions and luckily, till now, I’ve survived through all my whims and fancies. I have never thought about it too much but looking back, I believe getting into production is one of the best moves that I’ve made. The film will be produced under my production house ‘Kalaathmika’.