SSLC preparatory exam pattern confuses students

SSLC preparatory exam pattern confuses students

SSLC preparatory exam pattern confuses students

The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) will issue notice to the Karnataka High School Headmasters’ Association for conducting SSLC preparatory examinations in the old question paper pattern, without their permission.

The tussle between the department and association has left students confused about what to expect in the final exams to begin on March 30.

“We were not aware that the association was conducting preparatory exams. It did not seek permission to do so,” said Philomina Lobo, director for secondary education.  
This year, students will write their answers in a separate answer booklet, unlike previous years when space was provided after each question. “The question papers for the preparatory exam were made in the old pattern much before the government issued the order about the change. Since they were already prepared, we decided to distribute the same for the exam,” secretary of the association, M N Chandregowda explained.

Seeing question papers in the old pattern for the preparatory exam which began on March 6 has confused students about whether the final exams will follow the new pattern or old.

The director for secondary education issued an order to cancel the exams on Monday, when she learnt of the mistake.

Chandregowda said that the association has already asked the district presidents to arrange for separate question and answer papers, in the new pattern. He said that the preparatory exams would resume with the new arrangement from March 8.

However, Shashi Kumar D, general secretary of Associated Managements of Private Un-Aided English Medium School in Karnataka (KAMS), said the exam was conducted on Tuesday too and the schools provided answer sheets separately. He said that each school had to pay the association to obtain the question papers and it was not clear if this would be refunded because of the cancellation.