'Rebirth' for child lost by parents in tsunami

New life: Shobha and Kumar K with their new born child and Dr Ramesh (centre). dh photo

What made it special was the fact that the middle-aged couple conceived the child through Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), which is usually recommended for couples, who get delayed in the biolgical clock. After two rounds of ICSI cycle, Shobha, through a caesarean section gave birth to a 2.6 kg baby on March 19. "I feel it's the rebirth of the son whom I lost," said Shobha.

The couple recalled that their 17-year-old son Harish K had gone to Velankani with his cousins. “They were playing on the beach, when the tsumani struck and the waves took my son away," said 49-year-old Kumar.

The thought of losing their only son was unbearable for the couple to live with. So they decided to have another child. After several unsuccessful attempts and spending nearly Rs 6 lakh, the couple were referred to Dr Ramesh Hospital by a relative.

Although, the first cycle was unsuccessful, Shobha conceived when the couple decided to do it the second time.

 Explaining why the couple were advised ICSI treatment and not IVF, Dr Ramesh, founder of the hospital and ART specialist, said, "The main problem in this case was the age. The egg and sperm production capacity decreases as the person ages. Another issue was to see that the child does not develop any congenital defects, the chances of which are high if a woman conceives late."

To make sure that the foetus was normal, Dr Ramesh said that they conducted genetic tests on the amniotic fluids (the fluid that surrounds the foetus in the womb).
However, Shobha was admitted to hospital two months ago, when her blood pressure rose, where she was constantly monitored.

Dr Ramesh said that out of the 150 couples who come for ICSI treatment, 40-45 per cent conceive through the ICSI treatment, every year.  

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