'I am in no hurry to grab work'

'I am in no hurry to grab work'

'I am in no hurry to grab work'

Actor Niveditha plays a journalist in ‘Shuddhi’. She prefers to describe her role as “intense” and “extremely engaging”. Although she never set out to be an actor, she feels that she made the right decision at the right time. She worked in the software industry for a while before she decided to try out something different.

Niveditha says that it is the thought of being able to learn something new that inspired her to become an actor. “I hadn’t taken any prior lessons in acting before joining the industry. I’ve learnt everything that I know about acting on the job,” says the actor.     

Niveditha is thrilled that ‘Shuddhi’ has been received well by people. “The film delves into and explores the gravity of several important incidents such as ATM attack, the ‘Nirbhaya’ case and issues related to juvenile justice. The director has done well to expose the atrocities against women,” says Niveditha. She says that she was given a mature part in the film.   

The actor adds that she also had to tweak her body language and makeup to adapt to the character.  “I wear just the right amount of makeup and appear in casual clothes throughout. There’s nothing glamorous or complicated about my role,” she highlights.

Niveditha says that she read and researched about the incidents and cases mentioned in the story, to get a better understanding of the subject and relate it to her character.

''The many discussions with the director helped strengthen the character,” she adds. The story has two other women playing important roles. 

The actor feels the Kannada film industry has now opened its doors to more offbeat cinema. “I am thirsty for good cinema. Anything that moves away from the set formula excites me,” she says.

Niveditha is keen on working on subjects that give her enough scope for performance.  “I am in no hurry to grab work. I am willing to wait till some good scripts come my way,” she says.