'I've always wanted to work on a web series'

'I've always wanted to work on a web series'

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'I've always wanted to work on a web series'

Actor Vinayak Joshi quit a plush job to pursue his passion for cinema. He has earlier appeared in Kannada films like ‘Laali’, ‘Appu’ and ‘Minchina Ota’ till an accident tied him down for three years. Vinayak, though, sees the break as a learning phase because it taught him to toughen up.

The actor was last seen in an interesting role in the bilingual film ‘Jaguar’ opposite actor Nikhil Gowda.

 He will soon be seen in a cameo in ‘Raju Kannada Medium’. He will also launch his web series in Kannada titled ‘Joshelay’. In an interview with Nina C George, the actor talks about the web series and more.  

Can you elaborate on what ‘Joshelay’ about?

‘Joshelay’ is a Kannada web series that will feature five stories captured in 50 days. It is directed and written by me. I am the narrator of the series and I tell stories of ordinary people around me.
Why a web series? 

All actors are passionate about something but only a handful have the ability to convert their thoughts into action, like Upendra, for instance. I’ve always wanted
to work on a web series in Kannada and it is only now that I’ve had the chance to do it.

What do you intend to convey through this series?

The idea is to send out a positive message to people on how to adapt to challenging situations and emerge victorious. Every story in the series is relatable. I wish to tell people that the deeper they go within themselves, the stronger they will emerge.
Where can one watch it?

The series will first be available on YouTube and will be a fortnightly episode until somebody comes forward to produce it.  

Have you signed any new projects?
I will be appearing as a villain in ‘Raju Kannada Medium’. It is a small role but I have a three-page dialogue. This film is a sequel to ‘First Rank Raju’.

How does it feel to be a participant in ‘Dancing Star’?

My challenge as a participant is to attempt what is considered impossible and prove that nothing is too tough to achieve if one has the will.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

I try to reinvent the old school of thought in cinema. I try out all kinds of permutations and combinations to bring in an element of freshness in my work. 

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