The funny connect

The funny connect

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The funny connect

Making an impact and trying to change people’s mindset is not an easy task. But the Bengaluru City Police and the Bengaluru Traffic Police are  making efforts to make this city a better place for everyone. How you might wonder. Through the quickest mode of communication these days, the social media.

The officials are using Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to create awareness  on various issues.  The Bengaluru City Police and Traffic police departments are uploading engaging posts to bring awareness about the rules to follow when on the road.

Be it the memes on traffic rules or the selfie campaign, within a month of this initiation, they are grabbing the attention of the public.

M Uzair Elaan, an entrepreneur says, “Social media has helped the officials stay connected to the people. With their constant updates about the traffic and other issues in the city, they are making even those who are new to the city feel like they are part of it.”

These informative posts are also helping the public understand the law better. “If it weren’t for their updates on the Facebook page, we would have remained ignorant about so many things. For example, many don’t know that if you are caught for breaking the rule, you cannot be charged immediately. You have enough time to get your documents and present it to the police,” he explains.

‘Don’t drink and drive’ and ‘stop honking’ are some of the other creatives that the officials are sharing on their social media page.

Vivek Gupta, a student says, “The Bengaluru police have definitely earned a few brownie points for being active on social media. Since everyone is already spending so much time online, it’s great that they are making an attempt to stay in touch with the common man. Many find it easier to file their complaints now.”

“The humorous way of approaching people is actually really smart. It makes people laugh but
will also make them think about the situation and act accordingly. When you tag a friend (as asked by the post) who drinks and drives or honks too much, you are not only making a funny connection but also telling the person that you want them to break a bad habit,” he says.

However, there are still a few who think that the department should pull up their socks when it comes to particular situations.

Divya Krishnamurthi, a creative producer, says, “I have written to them a couple of times about my complaints but I haven’t really seen a proper solution to it.”

“Having said that, it’s good that the police department has taken the initiative to feel the pulse of the current generation. I really appreciate their effort and their work is commendable. However, the connect should be made even stronger,” she says.