Sohrab will not interfere in Sania's career matters

"Sania's tennis has an incredible fan following all over the world and I, too, am a great admirer of her game. Therefore, I understand the concern and qualms coming up in people's minds," Sohrab said
"However, following Mr. (Imran) Mirza's clarification about these speculation, I don't think there should be anymore uncertainties whatsoever about Sania's career or misconceptions of early retirement.
"I would personally second his statement and add that she has my unconditional backing, support and encouragement," says the 23-year-old youngster.
The scion of a top Hyderabad-based business family says Sania will have complete freedom in making her career decisions.
"I have said it time and again. She has my complete support and backing in whatever she wishes. It is completely her decision for how long she wishes to play," he said.

Sohrab, who is being chased right from the day the news of his engagement with Sania broke, says he is ready to deal with all the media attention on him.
"I completely understand their interest and curiosity; Sania had briefed me regarding this. I have no problems coming to terms with this exhilaration and commotion. I know it will soon pass," Sohrab said.
Asked about his favourite female tennis player, he replied, "I think it's obvious. Sania."
Though he keenly follows the tournaments that Sania plays in but has never been to the stadiums personally to watch her compete. But Sohrab is planning to travel with Sania in near future.

"Inshaallah, I am looking forward to doing so in the future," he said.
About his own career plans, Sohrab said after completing his academic qualification from a foreign university he will join family business.
"I have always believed in giving a 100 per cent to what ever I have done. Therefore, work or play, studies or sports I've always thrived on giving my pre-eminent effort with equal enthusiasm and commitment.
"I am gearing up for my masters' degree commencing this year in University of Warwick UK, and am looking forward to this learning experience. And inshaallah, I plan to come back and re-join the family business and new business ventures," he said.

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