Online platform for marketing Malnad farm products

Online platform for marketing Malnad farm products

A movement to facilitate direct marketing of agriculture produce from the Western Ghats region has begun in Karnataka.

To ensure farmers and tribals get bigger market base and, in particular, reach urban consumers, Malnaad Agro Industries of Chikkamagaluru has launched an online platform -

Around 6,000 farmers through self-help groups and non-government organisations in the districts of Western Ghats, BR Hills in Chamarajangar district and Uttara Kannada district have become members of the movement. They are supplying organically and naturally grown products through the e-platform, which is going to be formally launched on April 9. 

Consumers can get door delivery of products, which include both raw and homemade, by placing orders on the website. The products are devoid of artificial colours, chemical preservatives and taste enhancer chemicals, according John Mathias, the promoter of the intiative.

He said that to avoid chemicals, jaggery and rock salt are used as preservatives. “We have a chain of farmers from the Ghats to the coasts who are producing what we request. The direct marketing helps both farmers and buyers. There are many unique products such as banana stem juice, drumstick juice that would be sold,” he added. In a month’s time, a store selling the Malnad products will be be opened at Sahakarnagar, Bengaluru.