Loads of seized fish from Pak goes 'missing'

Loads of seized fish from Pak goes 'missing'

Loads of seized fish from Pak goes 'missing'

 As if manning the border with Pakistan was not enough, the Border Security Force (BSF) deployed on the Punjab frontier is grappling with a curious case of ‘missing’ fish from Pakistan.

Nearly 400 kg of dead fish that the BSF claims to have handed over to the Punjab police after successfully foiling an alleged infiltration bid through waters of Satluj on Sunday night, has mysteriously disappeared.

The police refuse to acknowledge any information about the fish, nor is it supporting the BSF version that the huge fish load was handed over to them after the operation had ended.

On Sunday night, the BSF patrol managed to recover two Pakistani boats in Satluj waters, a couple of fishing nets and nearly 400 kg of fish. The Pakistan nationals on board managed to infiltrate close to 700-metres in Indian waters,  just when the BSF got alerted and opened fire.

The infiltrators jumped into the waters and managed to flee, leaving behind the boats and the material on board.

The operation has ended, but the “face-off” between the BSF and the police continues to unfold.

The BSF sources said they handed over the fish along with the other material evidence confiscated during the operation to the police, following which a case was registered. They expressed surprise over the missing fish. The police claim the fish was not handed over to them, maintaining that the police station does not have any place to stock the fish.

While sources indicate an unlikelihood of any misappropriation of the “fish evidence”, the case of the missing fish could be an oversight that may eventually turn out to be a mere lapse. But for now, the case has turned curious to say the least.

BSF recovers 15 kg heroin

On Wednesday, the BSF recovered at least 15 kg heroin, worth an estimated Rs 70 crore in the international market, from the Ferozpur sector in Punjab. The high priced drug was recovered after the BSF exchanged fire with smugglers from across the border in Pakistan. The security force were alerted in advance following a tip off from the narcotics bureau.

The BSF team laid an ambush and retaliated to gun shots from Pakistani smugglers. It was in the wee hours that some suspicious movement was noted near the border.
Pakistani smugglers began throwing packets over the border fence when they were challenged by the BSF. The smugglers managed to flee.