Yogi replaces govt scheme prefix 'Samajwadi' with 'Mukhyamantri'

Yogi replaces govt scheme prefix 'Samajwadi' with 'Mukhyamantri'

Yogi replaces govt scheme prefix 'Samajwadi' with 'Mukhyamantri'

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered removal of the word ‘Samajwadi’ (SP) from all government schemes and replace it with ‘Mukhyamantri’.

Adityanath, while chairing a review meeting here on Thursday, directed that all government schemes with ‘Samajwadi’ prefix should be put before the state Cabinet for discussion and review.

Some of the schemes might also be scrapped altogether, officials said.The decision, which would impact around six ongoing development schemes launched by the previous SP government, was expected after protests from the BJP.

The previous regime had launched a host of schemes — Samajwadi Pension Yojana, Samajwadi Salt and Samajwadi Ambulance Seva. Even the ration cards distributed to BPL families had the word Samajwadi written on them.

The Adityanath government has directed officials not to distribute such ration cards. The ambitious expressway projects had also been given the Samajwadi prefix.

While in the Opposition, the BJP had protested against naming government schemes after the Samajwadi Party saying that it was tantamount to giving publicity to the SP at the expense of the exchequer.

The Congress had also objected to the use of party’s name for the ambulances provided to the state government under the National Rural Health Scheme, saying that they had been given by the Centre and state funds were not used in their procurement.