The road less taken

The road less taken

Candid moments

The road less taken
When Ravikanth Kurma discovered  an interest for travelling, he set out to discover a new place every weekend.

“I joined a trekking club and we explored new places almost every weekend. We also had a couple of photographers who joined these trips. I was intrigued with their work and borrowed my friend’s camera to try my hand at photography. Soon enough, I purchased a basic camera and upgraded to a DSLR a year later. It’s just been picturesque moments since then,” he says.

So far, the travel photographer has explored many places in South India and a few in the western regions. The IT professional plans his leaves in such a way that he can stay for a couple of days and learn about the place.  He is looking forward to visiting the North East very soon. Ravikanth says, “I’ve only been to Arunachal Pradesh so far and I can’t wait to visit the other states there.”

His pictures are mesmerising but they are not random clicks. A lot of planning goes into these captures. 

“Being a travel photographer, it is best to know something about the place you are going to. I usually venture out just because the tourist season starts or when it is getting over. This way, it’s not crowded and I still get to experience the place for what it is. Having said that, I enjoy exploring offbeats locations more,” he adds.

Ask him about his most memorable travelling experience and he says, “We were on our way to a location near Arunachal Pradesh and our guide was managing two teams in different cars. We had to get across the river and had to camp there overnight to travel further. There was a lot of snow on the ground and the roads had become icy. Unfortunately, the driver wasn’t a localite and was having a tough time navigating the car. He eventually gave up and we walked around for two hours to find some help,” he says.

“We finally found some Army men who came to our aid. They chained the vehicle to theirs and we had to drive slowly to get to the camp centre. It was a scary experience but I’m glad we found some good people to help us out,” he adds.

Even though challenges
galore, Ravikanth hopes to continue doing what he loves the most. “I used to take pictures just for the heck of it. Now, I try to tell stories with my pictures. My passion has been recognised by The Guardian, National Geography and Times of London. I don’t have a particular aim for this but I know that I never want to stop.”