Hortonworks will add more cloud players soon

Hortonworks will add more cloud players soon

Hortonworks will add more cloud players soon

Hortonworks, a Nasdaq-listed provider of enterprise-scale data management software platforms, said the company will join hands with more cloud service providers to bring in more users across the globe.

In an interaction with DH, as a part of opening its new expanded office in Bengaluru, Hortonworks Co-founder and VP of Engineering Arun Murthy said the company’s open data platforms and modern data applications deliver actionable intelligence from all data.

“Our machine learning and analytics platforms are offering real-time insights to business stakeholders. Microsoft is our premier partner and we have been working with them for the past five years. Microsoft offers Hadoop as a service on Azure as HDInsight. Last year, we started our own offering on AWS called Hortonworks Data Cloud,” he said.

Murthy said Hortonworks is very pragmatic in adding more cloud players to serve customers who are working in the hybrid cloud environment. “We are looking at how enterprise customers are going ahead for their cloud service,” he said. Other major cloud providers include IBM and Google.

Hortonworks product offerings include Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), Hortonworks Sandbox and Hortonworks DataFlow Platform (HDF). It provides support subscription offerings and related professional services for its enterprise-scale connected data platforms. “We are focusing on driving innovation in open source communities such as Apache Hadoop, Apache NiFi and Apache Spark. Along with over 2,100 partners, Hortonworks provides the expertise, training and services that allow customers to unlock transformational value for their organisations across any line of business,” he said.

When asked about the verticals that the company is focusing on, he said the company cannot say that one business vertical is better suited for it. “But we are performing well in telecom, retail, financial services and government projects. We will become cash flow positive in second half of this year," he said.

The company also opened a larger office in Bengaluru built to house over 120 employees across engineering and support teams, in addition to the India sales team. “We founded our company in 2011. Our new expanded office in Bengaluru is in line with the company’s plans to continue to invest in international markets in 2017 to drive more usage of its Connected Data Platforms and new solutions,” he said.

The company’s international revenue for Q4 2016 accounted for approximately 24% of total revenue and grew approximately 121% year over year.
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