Failure of monsoon hits 2nd largest lake in Maddur, goes dry

Failure of monsoon hits 2nd largest lake in Maddur, goes dry

Failure of monsoon hits 2nd largest lake in Maddur, goes dry

Madduramma Lake, the second largest water body in the taluk, has gone totally dry this year, turns into a playground.

The dimension of the lake, which is now parched due to failure of monsoon in the region, is said to be around 900 acres. It is alleged that around 150 acres of the lake has been encroached upon. The remaining 700 acres lake irrigates more than 5,000 acres of land, nearby.

The lake, which would usually remain filled throughout the year, has gone totally dry this year, affecting the environment. The animals, birds and other aquatic creatures have been affected. Sugar cane, paddy and banana crops that were dependent on the lake have withered, landing the farmers in trouble.

‘Take up repair works’

The lake has two canals, Kemmannunale and Chamanahallinale. The sluice of Kemmannunale has collapsed and cannot be operated. The authorities have to use earthmovers to lift and close the sluice gates every time to release water. The sluice gate of the Chamanahalli Canal too is in a dilapidated condition. As the lake is empty, it is the right time for the Cauvery Neeravari Nigam authorities to take up repair work on both the canals, say people of the region.

Speaking to DH, Cauvery Neeravari Nigam Assistant Engineer Tara said, “A survey has already been conducted to desilt the lake. If around two to three feet of silt is removed in a scientific manner, there is a possibility to store more water in the lake. The works would begin soon.”

However, the farmers said MLA D C Thammanna should take measures to clear the encroachment of the lake and for its rejuvenation. “He should exert pressure on the government to release more funds for rejuvenating the lake, which should be done before the onset of monsoon,” they stressed.