Accused of husband's death, woman attempts suicide

Accused of husband's death, woman attempts suicide

Accused of husband's death, woman attempts suicide
Swathi, wife of NRI techie Gudur Madhukar Reddy who committed suicide at his Seattle home in the USA on April 4, consumed toilet cleaner in an attempt to end her life in the early hours of Friday, at her parents’ house here in Kothapet.

She has been admitted to a corporate hospital with severe intestinal damage, where her condition is said to be critical.

Swathi, also a techie, was roughed up by Madhukar’s relatives at his funeral on Tuesday.

They had said that Swathi was responsible for Madhukar’s death.

Refuted allegations
Swathi refuted their allegations and showed proof of her husband’s mental condition. However, within two days, she tried to end her life.

“She is completely shattered as she and her four-year-old daughter were not even allowed to attend the funeral. She was unable to answer her daughter’s questions about Madhukar’s death,” a close relative of Swathi said at the hospital.

The hospital, in a statement, said her intestines were badly burnt and that they need 48 hours to make a prognosis.

The doctors said that Swathi was brought to the hospital early in the day and that she was put on powerful antibiotics to arrest the haemorrhage.

Colleagues react
In a related development, two Indian colleagues of Madhukar from Seattle said in a recorded video statement that they refused to believe the allegations of Swathi that her husband was suffering from chronic depression.

‘Swathi is lying’
“He was a consultant and was not at all suffering from any mental disorder. We really don’t know why Swathi is  lying about a person who is no more,” one of them said in the video.

They also pointed out that Swathi behaved strangely after Madhukar’s death.