This young musician is singing his way around the world

This young musician is singing his way around the world

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This young musician is singing his way around the world
On Friday afternoon, Bengalureans strolling on Brigade Road were treated to peppy Japanese numbers sung by a Taichi Akazawa, a young Japanese singer and guitarist who is visiting the city.

Akazawa, who hails from Okayama in Japan, is on a mission to travel the world and meet as many people as he can. He funds his travel by the money he makes through street singing.

Akazawa, who began his world tour in November 2016, has already visited nine countries in the past five months that include Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos and Singapore.

“I believe that the internet and social media are distancing us from the real world. I want to see the real word and meet real people and I am doing this by hitchhiking across the world on a shoestring budget,” said Akazawa.

With broken English, Akazawa is able to converse with people across countries. “People in Bengaluru are very friendly and welcoming. But the weather is very warm. I also find it challenging to find Japanese food though I like the south Indian fare that is popular here,” he adds.

This is his first visit to India and he is impressed by its diversity and culture. “I love India. It is so vibrant and so rich in culture,” he says.

Akazawa commutes by buses and trains in India. From Bengaluru, he will travel to Hampi and Goa. “I don’t plan where I wish to go. I look up places, take suggestions and that is how I travel,” he says.

Having been a part of a school band, Akazawa has turned his passion into profession and is using it as an integral part of his travel. He completed his schooling and took to singing full time and then there was no looking back.

His street singing has won him many a fan with people posting about him on social media, taking a selfie with him and donating generously after watching his performances.

Akazawa wishes to visit the Arab countries after his stay in India.