Sonu Nigam shaves off his hair in response to fatwa

Sonu Nigam shaves off his hair in response to fatwa

Sonu Nigam shaves off his hair in response to fatwa
Ace singer Sonu Nigam has shaved off his head in a challenge to a clergyman who had announced an award of Rs 10 lakh for anyone who can shave off his hairs.

Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi, vice president, West Bengal Minority United Council was quoted in the report saying: “If anyone can shave his hair, put a garland of old torn shoes around his neck and tour him around the country I personally announce an award of Rs 10 lakh for that person.”

The actor, however, decided to answer that and decided to shave off his hair.

Nigam said in a press conference he raised a social topic and not a religious one when he tweeted about being woken up by the sound of azaan, the Muslim call to prayers, and apologised “if someone thought otherwise”.

The 43-year-old singer's tweet - couple of days ago - has led to a mixed reaction and feelings on the social media which seems to be debating the issue threadbare.

"God bless everyone. I'm not a Muslim and I have to be woken up by the Azaan in the morning. When will this forced religiousness end in India," he said in a four-part Tweet on Monday.

"And by the way Mohammed did not have electricity when he made Islam.. Why do I have to have this cacophony after Edison?.....I don't believe in any temple or gurudwara using electricity To wake up people who don't follow the religion . Why then..? Honest? True?," he said. He summed up saying that this was hooliganism: "Gundagardi hai bus...."
Sonu's tweet opened floodgates on Twitter with views and counterviews, arguments and counter-arguments on the issue of azaan on loudspeakers and jagrans and bells in temples.