Mahaveer Jayanthi celebrated with fervour

Mahaveer Jayanthi celebrated with fervour

Mahaveer Jayanthi celebrated with fervour

Devotees offering abhishekh to the idol of Mahaveer on the occasion of Mahaveer Jayanthi in Bangalore on Sunday. DH PHOTO

Thousands took part  in mass celebrations  organised at the Freedom Park to spread  divine messages of their last Tirthankara.

Amidst colourful proce-ssions, meetings and religious discourses, speakers lauded the principles of non-violence and virtue as taught by Mahavira, emphasising its need in today’s world.

Stressing the need for non-violence, demonstrators put up banners discouraging animal slaughter and the necessity of conserving wildlife in order to preserve the eco-system.
The Khandelwal Digamber Jain Samaj celebrated the Jayanthi at the Wilson Garden Digamber Jain Temple. A massive rally with all grandeur and royal decoration was organised. Maha Mastakab-hisheka of Lord Mahaveer and a special puja were part of the celebrations.

A spokesperson of the Karnataka Jain Association, said that the aim of the festival is to understand and imbibe the message of “Ahimsa Paramo Dharma”- non-violence is the highest virtue.

The day began with the  idol of Mahaveer being given a ceremonial bath followed by rituals in which Jains participated with great enthusiasm.

Offerings of milk, rice and fruits were made to the idol which was later consumed by the devotees as prasadam. The day ended with religious discourses  with other cultural activities.