The Indonesian connect

The Indonesian connect

The Indonesian connect

A delegation of students from Indonesia, who are  part of the Outstanding Students for the World (OSTW) programme for the academic year 2017, is here in the city.

The programme was conducted by the Directorate of Public Diplomacy at the Directorate General of Information and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia. The delegation is on a three-city tour of Bengaluru, Pune and Mumbai.

The aim of the tour is to enhance people to people contact and expand network through academic and research section.

The idea is also to boost and empower the potential of Indonesia’s young generation. The students are excited and eager to know more about India and its youth. Most of the students who are a part of the delegation are aged between 18 and 27 years.

Sharing his experience, Geraldy Dzakwan, said, “I’ve developed a mobile application that does well to bring  small enterprises and large companies together. We were taken to a couple of small companies and Nasscom startup Warehouse. I thought the application that I have developed perfectly suits their style of working.”

Muhamad Haris Zamaludin S, said that he found the young people in India  very hardworking. “The young Indians are quite ambitious and career-driven. There are so many startups here and each one is innovative and unique,” added Muhamad Haris.

Michael Jovan Sugianto, another student, said, “The large companies here support the startups. They encourage them to grow and prosper.”

The Indian culture and way of life has impressed Lia Andarina Grasia, a student and CEO of her startup.

“I found it strange to see a cow on the street. I understand that cows are worshipped here. I was also fascinated with the way of life, food habits and the vibrant culture of the people here,”  Lia said.

Michael Stefanus, a student and entrepreneur, pitched in, “I like the way the companies here effectively and efficiently integrate design and functionality. The youngsters here are well informed about how to use design in the most productive way.”

The delegation will visit a few college campus and a few IT companies in Mumbai and Pune before they return to Indonesia.