'I'd like to believe that a part of me is romantic'

'I'd like to believe that a part of me is romantic'

Musical odyssey

'I'd like to believe that a part of me is romantic'

Within a short span of time, Prateek Kuhad has made a name for himself in Bollywood and in the realm of Indian indie music. He has performed at events like Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix and has supported Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Mike Poser on the artiste’s three-city India tour. 

After he received rave reviews for his first album ‘In Tokens and Charms’,  he started exploring the world of music even further. He recently announced his single ‘Tum Jab Paas’ on Saavn Artist Originals which tells a story about the sweet innocence of love. He talks to Anila Kurian about the songwriting process and his future plans. 

You took a major step choosing music after studying mathematics...

I used to be a part of bands when I was in college. After I finished my graduation, I decided to take a break for a year and work on music. I worked hard and I guess the results just paid off. 

Was it fun to write and sing ‘Tum Jab Paas’?

Fun, yes. But frustrating too! It took a couple of weeks to put everything together, also going back and forth with the music. But I guess every music-making process has its good and bad moments. 

The video is a cute depiction of a love story... 

 I didn’t have any visuals planned while writing the song. I just went ahead with my instincts and everything else just followed. It is a cute story and I’m glad that it has been well-received by the audience. 

What inspired you to write the song? 

To be honest, I don’t know. But it could be the breakup that I went through recently. 

You’ve been travelling quite a lot these days...  

Yes, I am going to the US for a few shows and also to France. I’m very excited to go to Prague this time. 

Which is your favourite gig so far?

I performed in Arunachal Pradesh for a music festival sometime back. It was absolutely beautiful as it was a two-hour drive to the location. The whole experience made it a great gig. 

Do you get a chance to explore the places you visit?

Mostly no, because I go there to perform. I usually land at the place, head to the hotel, try to get some sleep, perform and return to the airport. But this time, I have a few days to explore Prague. 

According to you, what makes your music different?

 I guess I am obsessed with my work. I rework on a particular set till I know it is perfect, or at least really close to it. 

A song that defines you...

 ‘Say Yes’ by Elliott Smith because I’d like to believe that a part of me is romantic.

Your other passions... 

I like to read and run; I find both very meditative.